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George Thorogood – Get a Haircut

Uploaded on May 13, 2007 by erkr4th

and get a real job

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  1. hweinhard says:

    fight the good fight:

    and, check out what I am buying..I have several music instruments, been playing since young. Its cheap but check out the video of some teenage girl who uses it and how good it sounds,. First link is the instrument…the second link is the girl playing it.


    my counselor, who is not mainstream but after what happened to me I needed someone heart experienced to talk to tells me that my guitar is my weapon

  2. hweinhard says:

    I did not want to use this website to promote my music, but if interested, here is what I recorded…I did do a couple copies you will recognize, but I wrote a few of them too…I played all instruments and did all vocals..hope you enjoy if interested.

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