German Al-Qaeda Recruiter Behind 9/11 Attacks Captured In Syria

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

And now for yet more confirmation that the jihadist insurgents operating in Syria which the media has for the past six years labeled “moderate” are the same al-Qaeda terrorists that perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, and in some instances this is literally the case.

Kurdish forces currently fighting Turkish-backed FSA groups in northern Syria have captured a well-known al-Qaeda member and German national of Syrian origin who had once been tracked and detained by the CIA – Mohammed Haydar Zammar.  

According to Middle East Eye, citing the AFP, Zammar has long been known to Western as well as Syrian authorities for his direct links to key al-Qaeda planners of 9/11:

A Syrian-born German national accused of helping to plan the September 11, 2001 attacks has been detained by Kurdish forces in Syria, a senior Kurdish commander told AFP on Wednesday.

“Mohammed Haydar Zammar has been arrested by Kurdish security forces in northern Syria and is now being interrogated,” the top official said, without providing further details.

Zammar spent years in Syrian prison after the CIA captured him in Morocco and transferred him to Damascus as part of the CIA’s “extraordinary rendition” program, however, in the midst of the war he was released by the Assad government as part of a general amnesty for political prisoners deal which at the time was demanded by the Syrian opposition and international human rights groups (though some prisoners broke free when insurgent groups took over government towns early in the war).

Naturally, it appears that Zammar promptly resumed his life as an al-Qaeda terrorist, but instead of setting his sights on Western targets, he joined the battle against the secular Ba’athist government in Damascus.

Middle East Eye continues:

Zammar, who is in his mid-fifties, has been accused of recruiting some of the September 11 hijackers. 

He was detained in Morocco in December 2001 in an operation involving CIA agents, and was handed over to the Syrian authorities two weeks later. 

A Syrian court sentenced Zammar to 12 years in prison in 2007 for belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, a charge that at the time could have resulted in the death penalty.

He was an influential cleric in Germany who helped arrange Mohammed Atta’s – the head hijacker of the 9/11 attacks – travel to Afghanistan for al-Qaeda training, according to the Washington Post.

German officials said that Zammar frequently spoke to Atta and visited him at home while they both lived in Hamburg.

The 9/11 Commission Report, which studied why and how the 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks occurred, said Zammar “relished any opportunity to extol the virtues of violent jihad”.

Counter-terrorism analyst Thomas Joscelyn has indicated that Zammar may have been one of ISIS emir Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s top lieutenants, enlisted to establish an Islamic State branch in the Sinai. Also according Joscelyn, Zammar was known to have personally recruited suicide pilots for the September 11 attacks.

Multiple reports indicate the Pentagon is currently investigating but has yet to confirm Zammar’s identity, who is presumably being held by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern Syria.

Syrian Kurds have long accused the invading Turkish military of utilizing ISIS fighters in its annexation Syria’s Afrin canton. Pro-Turkish forces have lately pushed further into surrounding Kurdish areas after President Erdogan initiated operation ‘Olive Branch’ in January of this year.

Kurdish media sources say Turkey has covertly sent some of the now defunct Islamic State’s most notorious commanders to lead FSA forces in an ethnic cleansing campaign against Syrian Kurds, among them the Chechen jihadist leader Muslim al-Shishani.

It is entirely possible and even likely that Zammar himself was engaged in such a Turkish state-sponsored operation against Syrian Kurdish forces, though details are still developing.

5 thoughts on “German Al-Qaeda Recruiter Behind 9/11 Attacks Captured In Syria

  1. ROFLMAO!!! A German named, “Mohammed”?!?!?!?!?! That’s funny stuff right there…what is this, “Super Troopers”?
    Oh…I see….he’s Syrian-born. Well then, by all means…let’s go bomb the crap out of them and occupy their country at US taxpayer expense.
    I continue to not understand how the general public cannot or will not see ALL of this as a Zionist-controlled ploy. The jooz are constantly behind EVERYTHING bad in the world…some way, some how.

  2. The fact is that Israel and the ziocon controlled deep state did the attack on the WTC on 911 and they killed an estimated 3000 Americans and got away with it just as they did with the attack on the USS LIBERTY.

    Zionists control the U.S. gov lock stock and gun barrel.

  3. Has this Tyler Durdan idiot (author) from Zero Hedge been living in a cave for the last decade?

    The “recruiters” behind the 9-11 attacks are all in Israel, and Washington D.C.

    This ridiculosity sounds like something that was written fifteen years ago.

  4. Turkey sent in scores of buses full of all sorts of terrorist gangs into Afrin — not just Kurds reported it, floods of videos came in on Twitter taken by selfie-loving terrorists ecstatic to be armed & sent to get revenge on the YPG while covered by jets with drones and tanks and heavy artillery. What Kurds did so well is point out what hand-signs and hairstyles and clothing (later, esp after sending in a later batch of ISIS terrorists freed from the jails where the Kurds had them in Idlib Turkey helped disguise them) meant. They sometimes retweeted such w/ circles marking indiv faces of terrorists they’d identify & sometimes w show side by side photos taken in, say, Kobane or Idlib etc to prove they really knew what was what or because they were internationally famous. Our MSM studiously, no, irresponsibly ignored almost all of this ample info and parroted Turkish false-flags and lies. Only weeks or months later, slowly some of the info gets reported in articles . . . Please note that 66 senators just signed a letter demanding Erdogan free one pastor. Yet, how many senators stood up for the polycultural canton of Afrin and our comrades in fighting ISIS the YPG? They — & most Usanians, to our shame and infamy — allowed a dictator on a declared jihad to murder, terrorize, loot, Islamize,Turkify and/or drive away, that is oppress and ethnically clean, a peaceful polycultural haven guarded by our true allies, the YPG. It included many Yazidi/Ezidi who had already gone through hell because of ISIS and in some cases were rescued from that mountain years ago by the PKK/YPG. Will the same 66 senators stand up to protect Manbij? Rojava? Will we stand up to Erdogan’s war against the PKK/YPG and oppression of the Kurds and of secular or peace-loving moderate Muslim Turks? Or will we wait until his neo-Ottoman expansion reaches the West? (In a sense it has, in a school in Frankfurt, if i recall correctly, a girl who told a teacher she was being bullied was told it might be better if she wore a hijab. She was not Islamic! I am afraid that if we do not stand up to the spread of extreme-islamic intolerance the end result may well be the rise of the far right. To tolerate intolerance is to breed the contrary intolerance, i.e. extreme Xtians. They will then war forever and in the process destroy diversity in culture and nature.

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