Get A Free Bag Of Marijuana With Your Covid-19 Vaccine

Forbes – by A.J Herrington

Cannabis activists in Washington, D.C. are planning to offer a free bag of marijuana to those receiving the vaccine for Covid-19, the group DC Marijuana Justice announced this week. The free cannabis giveaway, dubbed Joints for Jabs, is being arranged to coincide with vaccine clinics expected to open in the nation’s capital soon, DCMJ wrote in a press release on Monday.

With Joints for Jabs, the DCMJ activists hope to highlight the need for further cannabis policy reform at the national and local level while bringing awareness to the importance of equitable distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. Once local health officials begin offering vaccines to the general public, dozens of home cannabis cultivators will celebrate the occasion by handing out free bags of marijuana outside vaccination centers. Locations and times of the Joints for Jabs giveaways will be announced after DCMJ has more information about local vaccination sites.

“We are looking for ways to safely celebrate the end of the pandemic and we know nothing brings people together like cannabis,” said Nikolas Schiller, the group’s co-founder. “DCMJ believes that cannabis should be consumed safely and responsibly, and the pandemic has made this incredibly difficult for many adults to share their homegrown cannabis. When enough adults are inoculated with the coronavirus vaccine, it will be time to celebrate – not just the end of the pandemic, but the beginning of the end of cannabis prohibition in the United States.”

A Teachable Moment For Pot People

Adam Eidinger, another DCMJ co-founder, said that he hopes that the marijuana giveaways increase traffic to the city’s vaccination centers. He would also like to see Joints for Jabs serve as an educational opportunity for those unconvinced of the medical value of marijuana as well as members of the cannabis community, many of whom are skeptical of today’s medicine.

“If you believe in the science that supports medical cannabis, you should believe the science that supports the efficacy of the vaccine,” Eidinger told DCist.

Local cannabis growers have already pledged three pounds of marijuana for the giveaways, and organizers are hoping to have amassed five pounds of pot by the time the events begin. The group will also be offering cannabis seeds named “Grosso’s Green” in honor of marijuana patient, activist and former D.C. Councilmember David Grosso, who left the city council last year.

“I think it’s totally cool” to have a strain of marijuana named for him, Grosso said.

Inauguration Weed Giveaway Postponed

Plans for a DCMJ marijuana giveaway to be held in honor of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden have been put on hold until more people have been vaccinated and the coronavirus pandemic begins to be brought under control. In 2017, the group handed out thousands of joints during the inauguration of the now outgoing president in a gesture that Eidinger characterized as an “olive branch to Trump supporters.”

DCMJ hopes to reschedule the event for July, when a public inaugural celebration is reportedly being planned for the National Mall in place of the traditional January festivities. This year, however, activists will be passing out bags of loose marijuana instead of joints, many of which were fired up immediately last time around, in violation of local laws. Nixing the joints is also an effort to make the giveaway more hygienic.

“Four years ago, we handed out over 10,000 joints — and we licked those joints,” Eidinger said. “Today, we think that’s an issue.”

A History Of Creative And Effective Activism

DCMJ was founded in 2013, leading to the drafting of an ordinance to legalize possession and cultivation of cannabis by adults the following year. The group has continued to advocate for cannabis policy reform through a variety of creative demonstrations, including the deployment of giant inflatable faux joints more than 50 feet long at the Capitol, White House and the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The group is now advocating for Senate passage of the MORE Act, a landmark bill that would legalize marijuana at the federal level that was approved by the House of Representatives last month.

“While no legislation is perfect, the MORE Act addresses many demands that DC Marijuana Justice has been making for years,” Eidinger said in Monday’s statement from the group. “We asked Presidents Obama and Trump, and now we are asking President-elect Biden to take executive action on cannabis reform within the first 100 days.”

6 thoughts on “Get A Free Bag Of Marijuana With Your Covid-19 Vaccine

  1. ‘ and now we are asking President-elect Biden to take executive action on cannabis reform within the first 100 days.”
    If only people knew our law and enforced it all this permission begging would go away

  2. This one made me kind of sad, and angry. Remember when people who smoked it were kinda cool, even mostly outside the system, or at least leery of it? To have these to worlds coming together is something like having Christ enjoying a cup of tea with Satan.

    Used to be that mj was considered spiritual, an opening of the mind to higher awareness. How is it now being used to support an instrument of death? Yeah, I know some jerks smoked it, but in the early days, they didn’t. This is such gross misuse of a natural gift and just one more sign of how mixed up things are. I wonder if tokin’ gun-grabber Willie Nelson is takin’ the kill-shot.


    1. Totally agree about the spiritual, opening of the mind to a higher awareness part of your comment, Galen. For one thing, it caused me to start creating my trilogy books in early 90s.

  3. Remember when Saturday night used to mean something, when almost the whole town was set for fun? How I can’t wait for that to return. Anyway, just sharing something I came across, hope you enjoy:

    History’s biggest smart ass?

    “Triboulent, a notorious jester for Louis XII and Francis I once slapped the king on the butt, which greatly angered him, but then was given a chance to be forgiven if he could think of something more clever. He said, ‘I’m so sorry … I mistook you for the Queen!!’ When he was sentenced to death for making fun of people, he was allowed to choose how he would die. So he chose to die of old age. The speechless King let him go.”

    I can only add that it seems the world needs more smart asses.



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