10 thoughts on “Get Ready It’s Coming – March 27, 2014

  1. Hi Bulldog and Missy, good show (as usual). I have two rifles, a Remington BLR .308 and a Marlin 30-30 both lever. I find personally the 30-30 to be a very good “all around” gun, doesn’t have the “distance” the .308 does but if I only had to choose one it would be the 30-30. Thumbs up guys 🙂

    1. Thanks for that James!! We are new at all of this, and Country Boy Survive is one of my favorite songs! As we get better we will add music, we still have to purchase a mixing board, etc. Ed does everything, so we are trying not to add to his work load!! I will keep that one on the list, My favorite with AC/DC is Back in Black, but it doesn’t fit!! Thanks again!!

      1. Just thought it appropriate given the episode title to your show.I am not sure if you saw my comment earlier posts but folks on other similar sites loved the hydroponic 10′ garden thing.I saw the Back In Black tour 3 times,still mid sized theatres when album first came out,then stadiums with that and For Those About came out,saw em once with Bonn,that was way cool,were backing up the Who,weird combo but it worked!

        1. Great James!! All I want to do is help people, we are living in horrible times, and we need to all stick together, I want people to grow their own food, even if they live in an apartment, it is a little more challenging, but it can be done! I live in the suburbs, but we are working on moving to the country, I want a small farm!!! I am glad they loved the hydroponics, we all need to be more self reliant!!! 🙂

          Now after a few beers I will have to hear some AC/DC!!! 🙂 Because it is Friday and I don’t have to sit at my computer for 8 hours and work!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Missy,we are living in challenging times that will get harder,that said,lets be grateful that compared to much of the world we are living like kings and queens,the challenge is to help others with information and freedom so they to can live that way.That is a win/win all around as will cut down on war/pain/suffering ect.,giving folks the tools to help themselves and others is a great gift.

          2. Exactly! I feel if we show people kindness, Love, compassion we make the world a better place. But don’t get me wrong I will defend myself and family with a vengeance!! I do just want to help people, I went through two wars with my husband, Steve and it was horrid, I didn’t personally go through it, but through his eyes, and taking care of the homefront, war is sick, evil and a plague, and for who? satan and his minions, the money changers. We left the military have not looked back, they should pay him disability for the damage they have done to his body, but I do not want their evil money, I would rather make it on our own, and we are.

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