Get Used To The Idea Of A Water Shortage – Relearn Your Bathing Routine

Living in a truck is conducive of bathing techniques that require small amounts of water. I CLEAN UP DAILY ON A HALF A GALLON. I stay just as clean as a ten minute shower.

Have your chlorine and your soap or detergent handy, pour a couple drops into your container along with whatever soap or detergent your using, this keeps things nice and sanitary. Dip in your rag, and go to it, when done, your cleaned up. Throw water out, and your basically clean enough to attend a mobster wedding bash.

You don’t need lots of water to clean yourselves up. I only use 3 gallons a week to wash, a little deodorant is a good thing, except if your hunting or hiding.

Start this process now so it is not a big shock later, water is precious, start learning to conserve now.

3 thoughts on “Get Used To The Idea Of A Water Shortage – Relearn Your Bathing Routine

  1. Also note:

    Who do you think controls the transportation of US goods on the East Coast and controls all transportation to the west?

    It sure as hell isnt Mary fkg Poppins brothers and sisters. We have a lot of fkg work to do.

    At this point, Americans have been infiltrated to the point of complete take over. At this point in the game, its time to form whatever armies you can and start planning your end games, because this is this hell on earth, there is no more fkg around.

    Training and planning is crucial, get your house in order, get your tools squared away, get your food storage squared away, better start learning how to field strip and clean your shit, every nickle must go to ammo and supplies.

    Still stock ammo, even if you dont have a weapon, this is crucial. You can give it to somebody who does, plus bartering with it.

    Learn how to read a fkg map. VFR Flight sectionals that pilots use are a damn good idea.

    Get with the program,

    1. Local topography maps are great too

      I’ve kept all my flight sectionals
      And know how to read them

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