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Hello. Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a Satan-worshiping billionaire who wants to exterminate most of the human race because they’re a threat to my wealth, and plans for world domination. Will you please be good enough to hold still while I inject poison into your arm?

Do I know what’s in a vaccine? No, I don’t. What I do know is that the people who are insisting that I get vaccinated want me dead. What else do I need to know?

Nor am I a very religious man, but I’m religious enough to know that anyone who worships Satan is a sick bastard who’s not injecting anything into my bloodstream, and anyone who would consent to being vaccinated by these psychopaths is presenting us with a new definition for the word “stupid”.

What I do know about the soon-to-be-released covid-19 vaccine is that it doesn’t work as a traditional vaccine is alleged to, that is by injecting a particular infectious agent into your body to evoke an immune response, but instead this injection (not really a “vaccine” by the definition we’re accustomed to), delivers an instruction to your body to produce a certain protein that doesn’t provide immunity to anything, but instead is expected to allay some common cold symptoms. Look into it for yourself, because I have to confess that my reading on the topic was biased on the way in, as I knew long before this “vaccine” was described publicly that I wouldn’t allow myself to be injected with it, for reasons I suggested above.

Since traditional vaccines have such a dismal history of success, and such a long history of damage done, even after a century of “perfecting” them, only a genocidal lunatic would suggest that the entire planet’s population be injected with this new, untried, and poorly tested technology that actually alters your DNA. Only an idiot would willingly allow himself to fall victim to this.

And, instead of popular demand being the driving force behind its production, we’re told that we’ll be forced to sacrifice ourselves on the alter of experimental medicine before we’re allowed to go to work, buy food, travel, or enjoy Christmas. Coercion is necessary because so far, no one knows anyone who’s actually been sickened by this “pandemic” that seems to only exist in the media.

One driving force behind this madness is Mr. Bill Gates himself, who recently gained favor in the eyes of Lucifer by crippling a half-million Indian kids with his polio vaccine. You would think he’d need some time to reflect on that tragedy before insisting that everyone submit to his latest madness, but instead he’s forging ahead with his newest scheme to inject everyone with something that no one knows anything about. Does anyone see sanity in this behavior?

The technology being employed in the covid-19 vaccine is too new for anyone to have any idea what the long-term effects might be, and with that fact alone in mind, it would be hard to describe someone as “sane” if they wanted to force this upon everyone. The vaccinated will be the guinea pigs, and if enough DNA damage is done, they may also give birth to guinea pigs, or something even stranger.

One thing that’s certain is that they obviously have no concern for your health or well-being, and predictably enough, that’s exactly their excuse for trying to force this upon you (or into you). Has anyone in our government ever done anything in your interest? Funny how they’re suddenly claiming to be our guardian angels by injecting unknown poisons into our bodies.

We’ve also seen one tyrant after another attending parties, protests, and getting their hair done after prohibiting these practices to the rest of us for “our protection”, but this exposes more than just their hypocrisy. They’re obviously aware that this “pandemic” is a hoax, because they’re not taking any measures to protect themselves from this supposed deadly pathogen that’s allegedly sweeping the globe. If they sincerely believed any of the lies they’re spewing about this pandemic they’d be hiding in their basements like our mentally deficient “president-elect”, but instead they’re out on the town enjoying themselves now they’ve successfully locked you in your house.

Most of us are aware that this virus, if it actually exists, was released, or announced to coincide with the global economic collapse, and to take the blame for it. Since this is the case, they’re also tying this vaccine into what they’re calling “The Great Reset”, which is just the latest catch-phrase to sell the “New World Order”, or the global, tyrannical communism that the bankers have been planning for generations. That fact alone lends credence to claims that this vaccine’s intended goal is to exterminate much of humanity, and since the nano technology it contains can be affected by 5G radiation, there’s legitimate cause to worry about evil intent through that possible avenue of attack, too.

And of course, there are also suggestions that quarantine centers be built, families could be separated, and that this vaccine be forced upon the public if necessary. I guess everyone has their own “line in the sand” regarding how much tyranny they’ll tolerate, but in the case of forced vaccinations, it’s really just a matter of self-defense. No one should allow anyone in their community to be forcibly taken from their homes for “quarantine”.

The only “Great Reset” we need is to have the Bill of Rights restored to working order. The globalists’ plans by that name are only a device to put them in control of everything while we starve, or are killed off. Hopefully this is obvious to everyone by now, and we’re all ready to fight for our country, and our lives, because they’re both targeted for destruction by the ruling elite. You’re going to be part of this fight regardless of whether or not you want to be, because it’ll be delivered to your door. Forewarned, is hopefully forearmed.  — Jolly Roger.

“Vaccination is a barbarous practice, and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccinations should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.   — Mahatma Gandhi.

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  1. “Please allow me to introduce myself….” is also the opening line for Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil.” Good one, Jolly!

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