5 thoughts on “Getting desperate

  1. Desperate! I liken this to the phony impeachment. It is non existent in regards to how it affects my life. Complete distraction of which I don’t care.

  2. I dont care about your fake a$$ holohoax. If it did happen you evil bastard caught what you deserve . Oh yea ,you have been using that 6million number forever enough with you jew lies and destroying humanity.

  3. hey jew tell me about the Christian holocaust (still going on) and tell me where I can find the Christian Holocaust Museum

  4. in march of 2019, my twitter account was locked out for using the word HOLOHOAX in june of 2018.
    we hold ALL truths to be self evident! if I’m such a crazy kooky fulla shit liar, WHY DO YOU CARE!? they prove their lies every day.

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