Giant Ballot Harvesting Scheme Exposed in Washington State

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An AIM Patriot from Washington State writes:

This link deserves research, which I’m doing. 

Ensuring the Efficiency and Integrity of America’s Voter Rolls

Backstory: A person on our team does research into voter fraud records nationwide. He has access to BCC software.  This is more than a mailing list company. They hold licenses with government agencies and the United Postal Service to aggregate data for tracking address changes submitted by people when they move. It is a law in WA state, and most states to update the voter registration data prior to any election.

It’s a fairly robust job, as millions of people move from state to state every year. The USPS requires state governments to clean their databases so that bulk mail is cut down to reduce total mail volume, including voter registration. This is especially true with those states who have vote by mail, as multiple mailings are needed prior to an election aside from the actual ballot. Reducing bad addresses saves the USPS from having to process needless mailings to people who have moved.

BCC software: BCC provides software under license for ‘National Change of Address (NCOALink) with the USPS. ERIC is a non-profit that holds a contract with BCC and with WA state to update the voter registration database on a regular basis. They get paid $60K/year for this service.

If you follow the link and read their bio…this organization was started by Kim Wyman…our Secretary of State! It started with four states.  “The seven states that pioneered the formation of ERIC in 2012 are: Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.” It has now grown to 30 states…Texas just joined.

A team member sent WA state’s voter registration database to BCC to test if we wanted to become a license holder, but we needed a trial run to see what fidelity of information they could provide. We asked for the same breakdown given to ERIC so that we could evaluate the output as a business case. ($15K/year). I also downloaded the WA voter registration database (wavrdb) to run queries to check the information. What we found was astounding.

The wavrdb has not been updated in 18 months! WA RCW requires it to be done prior to any election. So why would the state break their own law? The discrepancies are massive. We discovered that more ballots have been sent out than people who live in WA state. Over 1M ballots have been sent to ‘addresses other than the residing prime address. Ballots are even being sent to China, and one to N. Korea. These are not military, as we eliminated that designation. 109,000 ballots were sent to addresses that do not exist. You can see where this is going.

This is a giant ballot harvesting scheme.

We think this started when Kim Wyman came to office in 2012, because the first thing she did was to form the ERIC non-profit. There is no way in hell that this person is smart enough to organize this on her own, or even setup the technology necessary, to make this all happen. She is simply an agent of a larger group who has orchestrated one of the largest voter fraud rackets in history. I think the Writ of Mandamus spooked them further, and sooner than they expected, so they implemented the ballot harvesting rather haphazardly. I think I’m the only one so far who has put all of the pieces together, simply because of the background research, and paying attention to all things with elections.

Voter Fraud by the Deep State

In all states, to issue an illegal a driver’s license, they must identify themselves in some manner, and have a fingerprint profile created. This is federal law, implemented by Trump. Jay Inslee, our globalist governor, created a sanctuary state to put a thumb in Trump’s eye, so that he could provide a driver’s license to illegals. At the same time, Inslee ordered the Dept. of Licensing to register them to vote. In 2018, the head of the DOL was Pat Kohler, who refused the governor’s illegal order. Inslee then removed Kohler and replace her with a person with a degree in ‘gender studies”. Kohler was given a ‘do nothing position’ as a newly created deputy director on the CANNABIS BOARD…the most corrupt dept. in WA state.

Thus the illegals can be given an untraceable driver’s license and with a utility bill, register to vote, the same day as the election, get a provisional ballot online, and fill it out….viola…instant election fraud.

In 2017, Kim Wyman let out bids to “UPDATE” the election system with a new software system. The purpose was to give ‘voter access’ to the under-served, under-privileged (homeless), and better server “people of color”. What nonsense. Who uses this logic other than pure racists? Real people really don’t care anymore…accept the racists. The team sent in a local podcast person who asked Kim about the Dept. of Licensing. She told him that she was considering suing the DOL for issuing untraceable licenses. She has not initiated any action, because she is part of the whole scheme…not the creator…just part of it.

A month ago I was contacted by a person who heard of the Writ of Mandamus. He looked it up and read it. He is the son of a former WA state Senator. His name is Russ. He has been doing election fraud research for years, having worked on many campaigns as the database person. Russ asked me if I knew about the WA voter registration database and how it was updated through the Postal Service NCOALink database. I admitted that I did not and he told me the whole story, what he suspected is happening with ERIC.

Thus, we created a test case against Florida and Texas data. We discover that TrueTheVote had a license and so we contacted them. They pretended to help, but after 2-weeks we discovered that they were simply leading us on. I will never work with them ever….a limited hangout and compromised in some manner. We looked up the software license holders for the USPS and found BCC Software. As noted before, we asked for a test run like ERIC receives.

This is when we realized how ERIC is working hand in glove with Kim Wyman, and 30 other states to suppress voter registration information, specifically anyone who implements mail-in ballots. They are NOT UPDATING state vrdb so that those states can flood the entire system with untraceable ballots to defraud the america public. I think we nailed it again. We are unsure to whom to speak about this issue. We do not trust anyone. It is all too statistically improbable to not be linked.

AIM Truth Bits

4 thoughts on “Giant Ballot Harvesting Scheme Exposed in Washington State

  1. Thank god I found this. I have been feeling something was really amiss with Wyman and with HB1068 law put in place after the big steal so we cannot see election data is another nail in the coffin of our democratic republic. PLease add me to any mailing list or call to action. we need our country back from these dirt bags that believe they are our leaders!

  2. I heard You speak before and I’m sooo Happy You are on Our side✝️Thank You for Your service and time. OUST THEM ALL NOW !!!

  3. I would like to connect with a group of Washingtonians who are interested in understanding our states voting integrity.

  4. You are EXACTLY right, and I would love to speak with you.

    “We are unsure to whom to speak about this issue. We do not trust anyone. It is all too statistically improbable to not be linked.”

    Well, good luck with THAT. I’ve been writing to people about this system since 2016 – and it is being completely suppressed. AND BELIEVE ME, you know their names.

    We have an election RACKETEERING system, and we will NEVER have election integrity without dismantling the SYSTEM.

    I see that the original link has been 404’d – that seems to be the MO with this topic. W’re being deceived.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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