2 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald “FISA Report That Calls NSA Spying Unconstitutional & Illegal Kept From Congress

  1. I find it utterly outrageous that a FISA court opinion stating that the NSA’s efforts to spy on Americans is unconstitutional and illegal remains inaccessible to our representatives. The more I learn about this National Security bullshit, the more I’m drawn to the conclusion that the “for reasons of National Security” excuse for non-disclosure is our worst enemy and until we change it, we will be slaves to it.

  2. “In place for attack”? “Is going to attack:? “For after the attacks take place”?

    Sounds like “they’re” certain. How can “they” know the certainty of the future? Did “they” plan this? Sounds like some certain someone is desperate. No wonder the world hates us.

    . . .

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