Global Currency Reset Be Prepared For A Disaster

Lindsey Williams is wrong about Obamacare going in to full force in 2015. The Obama led government might well cease to exist before 2015.

A Global Currency reset will cut your wages and pensions in half. There will be either a Horrible Depression and multiple wars or a Horrible Depression and a Revolution.

Jim Willie and Jim Rickards come from different perspectives but they have reached the same conclusions. We are losing the Currency War.

Published on Dec 17, 2013 by SEO MASTER

Global Currency Reset Be Prepared For A Disaster – Be Prepared To Survive

Global Currency Reset 2014: the U.S. dollar to lose 90% of its valueLindsey Williams on GoldSeek Radio speaking with Chris Waltzek on 4th December 2013 about a GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET that if the Elite have their way will take place WITHIN 90 DAYS.

He confirms this is not the collapse of the American dollar, but it \ eventually cause the dollar to lose its world reserve status in a global currency rerest
In 2014.

This will be the biggest financial event in the last several years from according to Pastor Williams’ inside contacts. EVERY PERSON ON THE GLOBE WILL BE AFFECTED.

204 nations have agreed with using the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to revalue their currencies to within just 3 to % of each otherone another based primarily based uponon the assets
of each and every country

This will likely End the currency wars and give
and provide the New World Order complete total control
– using a new gold backed currency it will eventually mean the US DOLLAR WILL BE RESET DOWN and THE DOLLAR WILL LOSE ITS WORLD RESERVE STATUS and drop by 30% of its current value


Lindsey also refers to reports from IMF The report is called “Taxing Times”. In thisreport the IMF recommends the following: INCREASE TAXES;NEW CAPITAL CONTROLS;SIEZE RETIREMENT FUNDS AND BRING THE NATIONAL DEBT DOWN TO PRE-BANKING CRISIS 2007 LEVELS to replace current paper money with an INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND to REVALUE CURRENCIES

Pastor Lindsey Williams also urges us to watch the news around the next the 3 months.

Lindsey Williams repeats ‘GET OUT OF PAPER ASSETS AT ALL COSTS’ because of potential currency wars between China and the US, driving a new gold rush and the introduction of a NEW GOLD BACKED CURRENCY, leading to the next global crisis.



16 thoughts on “Global Currency Reset Be Prepared For A Disaster

  1. If anyone has concerns about smart meters, you might be interested in what Pastor Williams has to say about them during the rest of this program. Apparently, they are “activated” between the hours of 3 and 4 a.m., according to him, for reasons which remain unclear to me. But I have noticed that ever since the smart meters were installed on my house, I have been waking up almost every morning around 3:30, and often have trouble going back to sleep before I have to get up at 5 to go to work. Several of my co-workers have told me they frequently wake up at this time as well.

    Is there a connection? I don’t know. Has anybody here experienced this?

    1. I am interested in knowing why he rubs you the wrong way. This is the first time I have ever heard him speak. I could be wrong, but I did not have the sense that he was deliberately trying to mislead anyone.

      1. He is a fear-porn salesman.
        He has been incorrect more times than not. All doom and gloom and no solutions or evidence.
        Its always his ‘elite friends’ that tell him stuff. So under his own admonishment he is friends with and likes the ‘elite’ that want to kill your family.

        1. So, using this logic, would anyone who re-posts this podcast without disputing what is said also be considered a “fear-porn salesman?”

    1. He is also a Mason, as BIll Cooper revealed decades ago. Their god is LUCIFER. No way that Williams is ignorant of that fact. He is often wrong- yet insists that “Every single thing they ever told me in 35+ yrs has happened EXACTLY as they said it would”- outright lie.

  2. Well Dawn , the first time I heard of Pastor Lindsey Williams was on ythe A J show . Anyone that had lived among the elite ,& had all of this info to tell the goyim is suspect in my book . Start the ball Tector !!! Exactly right David Kidd .

  3. This victim-speak is wrong…it can’t be the voice of faith and resilience, period.
    No, it will never be 1959 again in America. It was a phony time…people were happier with one car, a small house, going fishing…I was there and noticed it all.
    Think 1935 and Shirley Temple movies…this is a great nation.
    In San Diego the Meals on Wheels is also getting into bringing pet food, so homebound people can keep their beloved friends…isn’t that beautiful? People are contributing, stores are contributing. It will go nationwide, I predict.
    I don’t listen to victim-speak…it isn’t of God. Jesus never was a downer.

  4. If you type in Joy of Satan Satan’s Library, you will learn about how the elite are destroying us.
    And what to do about it/them.

    1. “Joy of Satan” is a website that is promoting satanism. It is disturbing that this website even exists and that anyone would support it.

      As far as I know, Lindsey Williams is a dedicated and God-fearing man who is trying to get out the truth. He may rub some people the wrong way, but I believe he’s speaking the truth.

  5. As a Christian I’m commanded to pray for my enemies and show mercy.
    If it’s hard, then to ask others to pray for them.
    That kind of prayer has more power than atomic bombs.
    God longs for the salvation of all…imagine the enormous talents and brains of satan’s slaves changing for the good.

  6. Everyone needs to go to Twitter right now. A huge scandal is erupting and the media is completely blacking it out. Look up the hashtag #wearethepeople.

    George Soros, the White House, and democrats (and a few progressive republicans) were caught exchanging currencies illegally ahead of the upcoming global currency reset and making millions of dollars. THIS IS HUGE FOLKS. This will go down as the biggest economic scandal in United States history.
    #wearethepeople Finally, the media can no longer black out scandals like this because of the internet!

    You can also enter that #wearethepeople into a search engine if you don’t use Twitter and see what people are exposing in regards to this.

    It looks as if the world is planning a global currency reset backed by each country’s production capacity, precious metals, energy resources, and debt. Fiat currencies will be moving out and in will come asset backed currency.

    The White House, progressive groups, and members of Congress have been trading currencies illegally prior to this global reset since September to save themselves from the upcoming dollar crash. It looks as if they made deals with China, Russia, Muslims and several of the tier one banks (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase etc) to protect themselves from the dollar free fall while leaving the American people hanging out to dry.

    The currencies they are trading illegally are the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong at what they call a “contract rate.” George W.Bush had set up this program to pay for the wars, wipe out our national debt, and give money back to the American people. However, when things were not finalized in 2008 Barack Obama came in and has now dismantled the plan GWB had in place and replaced it with political payoffs and corruption.

    Obama will not use the money to pay off the national debt as it was set up but rather to pay off his campaign cronies (George Soros, Media Matters, MSNBC etc) and to fund democrat elections in 2014 instead of giving the benefits to the American people. This is a major scandal. In fact, in September 2013 Glenn Beck had caught wind of this entire thing and announced on a Friday that he would expose everything on Monday. Monday then came and he said nothing. Later he hinted as to why; his family was threatened (wife and children). He said on a show in November it wasn’t worth risking the lives of his family.

    Hope that helps bring you up to speed. If I were you I’d pull out enough cash to sustain yourself for at least 30 days in case there is a run on the banks. It may be too late but if you can purchase some Iraqi Dinar, Dong, and some gold so you can weather the storm and protect at least some of your savings. I have not idea how it will be when this all goes down but I am not taking any chances.

    1 Corinthians 16:13 “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.”

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