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2 hours ago

Calls for GLOBAL FOOD RATIONING have begun, and should not be dismissed. As crop losses continue and the food shortages grow, these agendas are being announced — and in many cases, are ALREADY implemented. Join Christian to dissect the propaganda, understand the underlying agenda, and learn WHY it is all rolling out now.

10 thoughts on “GLOBAL FOOD RATIONING: You Have Been Warned

  1. Speaking of showing walmart receipts, in this video he explains the reason behind it. Start listening at the 13:10 mark.

  2. “ As elite establishment political figure Henry Kissinger remarked in 1970, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Recent research places multinational corporations behind the push toward controlling global food supplies.“

  3. Learn how to grow your own damn food people, not rocket science. Yes, its come to that, you are being manipulated by some POS who wants you dead.

  4. Mark you travel this country more then anyone of us here what are you seeing across the country ? I know here in k y the corn and bean didn’t fully make what it should of made , plus I have never seen farmer bale corn like they done with hay but what I have learned from some of the farmer that feed beef cows that they could not get the first cutting of hay in because of all the rain we had early on in the season . One more thing when we go to stores we look at the can goods , we have seen a lot of stuff not on the shelves

      1. I just loaded out of the Delaware area for two walmarts in Ohio area truck is only 1/5 full. Lots of trucks running around with not much in them.

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