13 thoughts on “GMO wheat in Kraft Mac & Cheese

  1. Yep they always have got to have that waiver thing there to protect – like they have in the pic. – their capitalistc cheep a**s. GMO`s are in damned near every thing now days and ya realy have got to look for something non-GMO. People got to start to watch what they are eating and putting into their bodies.

  2. If GMO wheat has not been approved in the US (thank God) then how can
    GMO wheat be in anything marketable leaving the US. Basically, GMO
    wheat should not exist in the US.

    1. I wondered the same thing Leita. We don’t know where it was made. But it occured to me…if it WAS made with U.S. wheat, maybe that explains the “mysterious” GMO wheat recently found here. It wouldn’t shock me to find out GMO wheat is prevalent in our country and they want to break it to us slowly. Kind of a “well it’s not approved…but hey, it’s out so we’ll give it the OK now” thing. And I remember reading about a GMO wheat that was engineered to sterilize consumers. Hmmm…isn’t a former Monsanto exec in charge of the USDA? Or is it the FDA. Do we trust these clowns to decide what is safe? To these guys raw milk is bad but Monsanto “food” is good? Insanity. We are through the looking glass.

      1. The dirt bag Michael Taylor worked for Monsanto then went to the FDA.
        I am afraid it is going to heat up in the US as Monsanto is abandoning
        Europe except for Spain and Portugal. They are going to have to make
        up for lost seeds – on us.

        1. They can only do it if we let them. It’s our money we spend on food. If we do the research and are aware of what we buy…they can’t sell us anything. Starve the beast. It craves our money. Spend it wisely.

          1. That means you couldn’t eat at restaurants, contamination; alcohol drinks, I believe, to be made from corn, or other GMO ingredients, contamination.
            The health food store I frequent, the manager said they couldn’t keep them
            out. Some say even organic corn is contaminated. Seems hopeless,
            unless we dig out the torches and pitch forks.

          2. Well just don`t eat at restaurants Leita. You can find places that realy do supply only GMO free products and only organic products or at least so they say anyway. Pick and choose wisely where you choose to buy your food from. It is hard but it is worth it Leita in more way than one 🙂

          3. Thanks digger. I don’t eat at them as a rule and when I have to be gracious,
            I eat the very minimum. Then I go home and vomit. I planted a garden
            which is suppose to be all organic. Woe is me, I will not be undone.

          4. Hey Leita, my fiancee and I have a garden and grow our own herbs too. We only use heirloom seeds to make sure we avoid GMOs. It is also possible to find restaurants that are GMO free. Like everything else…it takes research. We almost never eat out. Everything is homemade. I mean everything. She bakes our bread with GMO free flour, pasta you name it. Heck she makes our toothpaste to avoid flouride. No processed anything. Yeah, it takes time, but knowing exactly what your eating is something you can’t put a price on. We started doing this three years ago and we were both shocked at how much better we felt.

          5. Ya know what Leita, if you eat a good nutritious diet we all realy do not have to eat that much because we get good nutrition from a little food. 🙂 . I know you know what I`m say`n. Keep the faith Leita. 🙂

          6. Awe Leita, keepin` the faith has never let me down. Good nutrition is one of those examples of when a little less is a lot more 🙂 . You can live with less if you have good nutrition . P.S. Leita, I wish we all could just live a healthy nutritious lifestyle. That is what I wish for. We would all be mentaly and fisicaly fit then. 🙂 And that would be really cool. 🙂

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