Had to go to the store today

No choice, hate going into town but had to today, have to get water, eggs and maybe butter. Water store is easy, four five gallon jugs (water in NM is not safe to drink less purified due to old mines, etc) at $1.25 each, that just leaves some gas for the old car and… Walmart. Other stores short of Dollar Tree are too outrageously expensive to shop at, $6-7 a pound for weird looking “beef.” Chicken is usually cheap, only $3-4 a pound, sometimes it drops to $2. Well, the budget got tighter than ever this year, live with my mother and we keep the water, power and internet going, that alone just about zeroes out the meager budget, I work on her place and keep it held together, lots of repairs, etc since she bought it and more to go yet. TV last night (I got the old antenna that came with the place finally turned around and working three years later, not a high priority since we are not TV people, we always just used the internet) had something on the news about how the egg market crashed, eggs are so cheap they are throwing them away to save money, hell they might just give them away! Alright, that works for me! Let’s go to town today and take care of the monthly business and look for those cheap eggs that have been FLOODING the market for over six months.  

Head into walmart and as we took our time I took to watching people’s baskets and carts as we made our way around. A theme suddenly developed in the store: I did not see one white person with anything more than two small handbags worth of groceries anywhere, no one was buying ANYTHING else but food, young and old alike. Here in New Mexico we have a large hispanic population, almost everyone I saw were the old NM hispanics, they were getting as little as everyone else, little old ladies pushing big carts around the store just looking then taking one or two cheap pieces of UFO something and putting it in their basket and heading for checkout. Reach checkout, same story. No matter the line passed or even those “self checkout” places everyone was the same, handful of little stuff, all groceries and that was it. Now let me tell you all about the OTHER group in town…

First or last of the month is when all the Indian Dividend Checks go out, welfare, etc. We aim to avoid these times for the following: go to town anywhere I have lived in NM during these times and you will have to fight at the grocery store. The WHALES show up, I mean big, bloated, dead for six week whales ready to pop from all the lard on them. Indians, mostly Navajo and Apache around here, swarming the isles, they have two or three carts each as they waddle along, if it’s not them its Mexicans. There go the Mexicans, mile a minute blathering as they load their carts, Ching-Chong down the way loading up too or maybe (In Gallup when I was over that way) the Alah Ahkbar clan going down the aisles. All these groups are taking THE most EXPENSIVE meats and products, they do not buy the tripe, tongues, bones or anything else, they are all grabbing prime steaks or whatever has the highest price tag. Get in line to check out, wait an hour. Two or three carts to get unloaded, checked, reloaded then out comes a giant fistful of credit cards, WIC, federal indian handouts you name it. I have yet to see anyone of them use CASH. Beware of them, pushing the cart along and my mother once wanted a package of beef, well… Between the whales emptying out the isle and as the man pushes out the new rack to unload and them yanking it all off she grabbed a package of beef and a whale looked at her with pure rage and hate. Too busy to start a fight though, gotta keep grabbing. Guard your cart too! These monkeys will take things right out of your cart if you’re not careful! Push fast, don’t stop, don’t let them get their hands in because by god if they see something they want and you have it they reach into your cart and snatch it!

My mother made a jibe to me on the way out that they are all on welfare and everything else they can latch onto, my remark to her was this: “Yep, you could go sign up for it all too, were poorer than they are but we have a problem: were white.” Drive away in an old dusty car, banged up, worn out tires more than eight years old and no money to replace them and get passed by whales driving brand new 4×4’s or whatever is the most expensive car or truck on the lot at Ford, Toyota, etc. Careful though, they drive so batshit insane they might just sideswipe you like one spick did us or back into you (never could afford to fix that one) like a Navajo did before driving off, thankfully it was a small dent.

So wherever you are out there, just remember that this is how all that “hard earned tax money” is being spent, meanwhile where I live with the other poor as hell New Mexicans the carpenter over the way of us (Hispanic guy, handyman and ranch hand) was mighty happy and proud last year: The uber rancher could not pay them with much cash this year for some reason, but instead they would pay the ranch hands with one calf. He was tickled to death, they would have meat on the table once he fattened it up! God only knows how uber-rancher came up with that scheme though considering how much they get in government handouts. My god, one guy got over $200,000 because he declared what he had “was just not enough.” Other good ole boy bastard south of us set up a tax scheme for himself and some buddies, they make a profit from their produce anyway but now they get government subsidy because they have to hire “poverty stricken locals” to pick their beans and struggle to sell said beans because of said poverty. Maybe if they paid their workers that might change. They’re millionaires too now from the scheme.

This is a small glimpse of what New Mexico looks like, not the happy, shiny, tourist BS they put out, this is what NM is REALLY like, lived here just about all my life and it has gotten WORSE every two or three years. So don’t fret none while you look down at your bowl of beans or rice with a fish head, you’re not alone. We keep our luxuries on like internet or others around here manage to keep their satellite running (few do, most of us have antenna’s) while just barely making it. TV tells us the economy is better than ever, white privilege is everywhere and we must be punished for being white… Then I go to the store, stare at my two bags with two dozen $5+ eggs and one or two other items while knowing I’m dead broke again. Tell me again about “white privilege.”

16 thoughts on “Had to go to the store today

  1. Cheer up Vekar. Those fat pigs will die off early.
    Remember white people used to live allot longer when they ate fish on Friday and maybe, had roast beef only on Sundays.
    It is getting tougher. The war on white people is just getting started.
    Your prices for staples seem way too high though.Could it be that the grocers are milking the people in your area because of all the “free” government food money? Ground 80% beef is $4.99lb. Eggs here in Wisconsin are roughly $.79 or less per dozen.One local Walmart had one dozen @ $.44 cents recently. I froze allot of chicken awhile back for less than $.99 per pound (actually closer to $.50 on sale). Wisconsin has no state tax on food. That may also be a factor in your high prices. Hang in there. I have a feeling you’re not going to lose the battle.

    1. It is regional pricing Bob. Here in FL eggs, milk and other items usually grown in Midwest are overpriced. I can go to Michigan, however, and the avocados are over priced. I suspect NM has the same resources as FL for the most part.

    2. Oh price fixing is not unusual in this state, two years ago they all spiked their prices 15% or more including walmart, they are all in on it together. Your can drive across this state and see the prices go nuts especially near the cities, these are all major stores not mom-pop stores. Only price DROP we had here in two years was SPAM, the two stores were in a race (wal-mart, brooks) to see who could hit the $6.50 mark first then suddenly it stopped and they dropped it to close to $4 a can.

  2. Vekar, thanks for taking the time to put pen to paper.

    Sorry to hear it’s so crappy in NM, I feel for you and your mom.

  3. That was the same behavior we experienced from the south Americans in Miami and the Mexicans north of Detroit when I lived there. The problem is not their ethnicity, it is their culture. Americans don’t behave that way. What about the Navajo and Apache you say? They may as well be Mexicans. Cherokee and Sioux don’t act like that, in most cases.

    1. I graduated highschool from a reservation and you can clearly see a marked change in how the indians act, the old ones (60+) act nothing like the later generations, get along with them pretty well actually. Each generation that passes they act more and more like wild animals, if you put them in the same room you would think they were from different worlds it is getting so extreme. That old term “Red Savage” is more appropriate than to call them indians or by their tribal name. There is a RAPID decline going on.

      1. Lol, that may just be the generation. My step-kids are white and millenials. I would call them savages too! I’m ani yun wiya, raised in public schools off-reservation, we’ll under 60 and some people say I have manners. 🙂 However, I remember as a kid on vacation in northern Minnesota, the white kids talking about the drunk Blackfoot getting their welfare checks and spending it all on booze…so, yeah maybe it is the lack of assimilation. Maybe they’ve traded their noble culture for shit welfare parasite culture.

  4. You should go to a Texas Walmart. If it ain’t the Mexicans, it’s the H1B Indians loading up everything. I only go there unless it’s a last resort.

    Actually, Walmart is building another store near me. It’s literally located less than a few miles from two other Walmarts in opposite directions. I don’t understand why we need another Walmart. I guess they are getting ready for all of those imported workers who are coming in since they are almost done building that new Toyota headquarters.

    Wish Walmart would just leave everyone the hell alone and go away. They are becoming the Disney of supermarket stores. The bastards just can’t mind their own business and keep out where they don’t belong.

    1. Crazy aint it? Had that happen this last year too, TrueValue along with a RAKS store, nothing like going into a big store and its DEAD SILENT because no one is there but a cashier.

  5. I thought it was just me.
    But I’ll tell ya what really pisses me off.

    Is when they block the fukng aisles at Wal-Mart.

    With two mothers and two full shopping carts of food and about 3 to 4 kids each.

    Talking gibberish.
    Won’t even consider moving out of the way.

    But I have a solution.

    I’m gonna park right next to them and rip off the most nasty boiled egg and beer party leftover morning fart.

    Then see if that’s a party pooper.

    I just hope I don’t crap my pants.

  6. why would you give your money to walmart or dollar general?

    when you buy the cheapest thing you can, you are screwing some other american out of a job somewhere. your neighbor.

    think about it.

    food co ops make your money go much much farther. find one and join it. we’re poor too. own no cars from this century. take no aid.

    just sayin

    1. There are no other stores in driving distance and I am not going to Albuquerque and risk getting side swiped for the millionth time by some spick driving like a maniac on steroids. The only “food co-op” is actually down the road from me but is run by good ole boy’s in that massive tax dodge and subsidy scam I wrote about. They are only open two months out of the year and that is where I get my beans and chile assuming there is money for either; this year no, but I stocked up over the years assuming this would happen eventually. Also the last time I went to an honest food co-op in this state they wanted twice the price of anywhere else.

      When you have near nothing you make it stretch, that means wal-mart and dollar tree. Thats just the way it is here or you DONT EAT!

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