7 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs Bribed U.S. Senate With Just $195,000 to Pass TPP!

  1. The jew whores can easily be blackmailed/replaced, so the price of their prostitution has fallen dramatically.

  2. I sent my senator an e-mail telling him how proud I used to be of him. $35000 cost him my respect & vote.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    Once again!!!,.. I am surprised by the article title,.. and worse,.. by some of the responses.

    Allow Me:

    THERE IS NO!, NO!, NO!,.. NO!!,… NO!!!!, NO!!!!! AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!!!,.. PERIOD!!, BAR NONE!!!


    If you are one of the people who is “shocked” or “offended” or “surprised” or any other reaction of dismay,… its because your an idiot that REFUSES to see the mountain before you,.. which is the US GOVERNMENT IS LONG GONE,…. and has been COMPLETELY overthrown from within many,.. many decades ago!

    Goldman Sachs did NOT bride the US Gov’t,… Goldman Sacks is part OF the Criminal Cartel operating its Vichy, Zionist-Jew-Communist, International Terrorist Organization!!!! INAPPROPRIATELY called the US Fed Gov’t. (There is NO US Fed Gov’t,… only the name is left)

    JD – US Marines – What has to happen to wake people up??.. do all the scum calling themselves our representatives have to stand up there wearing Israeli uniforms before stupid people say,… “OOOooooo!!!,.. it’s an “enemy-FORRRRCE,..-in-occupation” after all!!”


    1. Sorry to again agree with JD again, as he is always on target and precise. The amerikan public is either to scared or to stupid and on assistance to give a shyt. I understand people are surviving check to check but every day I am behind some one in the grocery store with a government credit card.
      I may have to apply for one of these and see if I can get any of my tax money back.

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