Good Times Ahead … If You’re Rich

Well the propagandists no longer have the numbers generated by the Christmas holidays to pad their books.  So let’s see what is really going on; 445,000 new jobless claims last week, $38 billion trade deficit for one month, $15 trillion national debt, $3 trillion national budget, and hey that is just not enough according to calls for a raise in the debt ceiling, 3 million homes foreclosed on in 2010, and 2011’s foreclosures are expected to be higher, the percent of homelessness is up 3% and families becoming homeless is up 4%, food prices are on the rise, gasoline is expected to reach $4.00 per gallon by summer.

But not to worry, President Soetoro gave an exceptional speech Wednesday evening in Tucson, Arizona.  And if you look at the bright side, of course you have to be rich to look at the bright side, we are experiencing a two year high on the stock market and corporations are seeing record profits.

It is being said that the reason that we do not understand our government and our government does not understand us, is that we have become two separate and different peoples.  Well duh.  They have taken all the wealth and want to keep it and we have had our wealth taken and want it back.

They know that we are not going to stop because, quite frankly, we can’t.  They are at present following the lead of their Commander in Thief, Barack Insane Obamanation, and are stalling for time.  You see they can’t quite figure out what to do about us and everything they try is backfiring.  As we the people become more impatient, their stalling ploys are buying them less and less time.

The fact is in spite of all their lies things are getting worse every day for we the people as they the rich are piling on the wealth and living fat.  The people are starting to look at all the fine things the rich have that we can no longer dream of ever possessing.  And like other gluttonous, greedy cartels all throughout history, they are falling into the classical blunder:  If you are in power and want a population to remove you from power just take away their dreams and leave them nothing to lose.

Like I said, they are starting to realize that the propaganda just isn’t working anymore; in fact it is only serving to further piss us off.  Thus we need to redouble our efforts and increase the pressure on them.  Either they are going to see the futility of their situation and find a way to give us our dreams back or they are going to find themselves inside of a nightmare from which they cannot wake up.  We can only hope that logic, hell common sense, will snap them back into reality.  Although this may be a false hope as their stupidity seems to know no bounds.

If our country and our Constitution are to be saved it will have to be we the people that save it, as it seems every day those holding our highest seats of power are indicating that it is their goal to destroy it.  We 99ers have to realize that it is not just we that see the problem and know that it has to be solved soon.   So I say 99ers reach out and seek unity with all other patriots across this country from all other walks of life.



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