Goodbye yellow-brick road

Civilized society as we once knew it is gone, and it won’t be coming back anytime soon. The human race has been so dumbed-down that hope for a recovery is impossible under the current fraud and corruption.

How did it happen? There is no one source, but rather a number of things such as “political correctness” where the powers that be seek to eliminate anything that could “trigger” or “offend” anyone. Corrupt powers that believe unproven “science” somehow grants them the authority to issue “executive orders” telling everyone what they can and cannot do, even if such orders are contrary to the laws.

It’s not about money, it’s about using something so utterly worthless as money and fear to gain and keep control. The millionaires and billionaires believe that only they and their progeny matter, and that everyone else is “excess population” and/or slaves to serve them.

Governments, which are more or less dictatorships seek to control every aspect of the lives of the masses. From cradle to grave, they seek to control everything you say, do, and believe, right down to the way you reason and comprehend.

A shining example of this was in the news today. Thirty percent of restaurants in New Jersey are closing for good. Why? Those businesses spent thousands of dollars to comply with the requirements for re-opening only to be told that they were once again “ordered” to be closed until further notice. With no way to pay those bills they incurred, many had to close permanently.

Anyone denying the staggering unemployment numbers is a hopeless idiot that I will not waste my time trying to reason with.

With millions out of work and with no money to their name, the banks still demand their mortgage payments, landlords still demand their rent payments, townships still demand their property taxes, utility companies still demand their payments, and don’t think for a second that your grocer will allow you to take any food from their premises without paying for them.

When you have large numbers of people homeless and starving, do you honestly believe anyone will come to help you when you’re the one starving and homeless?

Those who have been working as “essential workers”, how long will it be before the rising cost of food and other necessities is higher than the amount of your paycheck?

Nothing in life is every guaranteed, especially tomorrow, but if you honestly believe that everything is okay and that your “leaders” have everything under control and have your best interests in mind, then you have only deceived yourselves.

The trillions spent on “The Cares Act” and the forth coming “Heroes Act” (or whatever they decide to call it) add to a deficit that can never, ever be repaid, nor should it be as it was the result of us being fooled into using a system that is intentionally designed to enslave those who use it into eternal enslavement.

16 thoughts on “Goodbye yellow-brick road

  1. Thank you, Sunfire, you paint the demise as it is. Yeah, HELL keeps on getting more HELLish. A good thing there are Trenchers everywhere committed to obliterating HELL. One day we will again get to enjoy this beautiful earth because of that commitment.


    1. The world is a hot mess at present. Things are so bizarre that the Twilight Zone looks perfectly normal. Nothing here in the united States of the Americas will get better until the Bill of Rights is once again enforced as the Supreme Law of the land. Only then can we all enjoy peace and prosperity in our Republic. Henry has been saying it for years, but the masses still go on being programed by the idiot box and the propaganda of lies that the evil tiny majority of “leaders” dictate to them. I hate the way things currently are, this crap has to end. It’s better to die fighting than live under such despotism.

      “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      1. On the positive side… I keep thinkin’ ’bout Henry pointing out our strength in numbers. Now I am envisioning t-shirts, millions of ’em, with this on the front in big letters:

        ARE YOU PART OF THE 75%?

        Might put others on-board. I need some ideas for the back.



  2. Very nicely stated, and all of it fully designed, and we are only barely scratching the surface of what their Hegemonic plans are; we know, we see and we plan accordingly.

    The days of rebellion to all of this will arrive soon I trust and they will come to understand how much they underestimated our spirit.

    GB the Trenchers

    1. Oh yes, I’ve only scratched the surface and discussed the tip of the iceberg. These psychopaths are going all in, so it’s time to fight or acquiesce to being “soulless animals” here to serve as slaves until they see fit to kill us for their amusement.

  3. I told all that would listen from the “close everything up bombs”, if the “government is not going to do a jubilee, then this is nothing more than a fire bombing of what was left of the working class and the independent business owners.

  4. Yep, right on the money Sunfire. Its really incredible isn’t it? I mean so few of our scum have been able to dictate to so many. I dont see how it can go on much longer, but its come this far, so who knows?

    Nobody is safe, thats for damn sure, not even the elite, bullseye on their backs.

    Whats even more amazing is that Henry talked about this shit actually happening over 10 years ago, and it fkg happened!

    Always blows my mind when I think about that, all this shit actually coming to fruition. Incrediable!, I guess I always thought not in my life, man how wrong I was.

    Great article

    Oh yeah, dont ever play poker with Henry, he sees too far into the future.. 🙂

    1. It truly is beyond belief, yet here we are. Henry’s been saying for years that we outnumber these scumbags by the millions, and we do. How long it continues is essentially how long we the people put up with it. Henry is a wise man that learned a lot (sometimes through hard experiences) and passes on that wisdom daily. You can also bet that when the fight to restore the Bill of Rights kicks off, he’ll be there with us right on the front lines! You won’t find a greater defender of the Bill the Rights.

      1. I hear you Sunfire. I just had to say what I did because I can’t stand it when people call these criminals leaders.

  5. “The CARES Act” and “The Heroes Act”.

    Where do these politicians come up with these names? Their names for their Acts are lamer than their Acts themselves.

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