Google Government Spying Apps: Spying On You As You Type

Sigh...Before It’s News – by Monica Davis

Just in case you think Google is your friend, take a look at this.  Google has reportedly developed government spying “apps” which allegedly exist only to  spy on Americans. The Big Data Government programs began under Bush II and Obama has gotten closer in bed with the companies who make billions from big government data mining.

Obama has received nearly $2 million in campaign contributions from Google and other high tech spy companies, So, if you think his administration is your friend, think again. Some of these apps are so invasive that they can watch as you type.  

So, if  you think all of these free services are you friends: it depends on the definition of “friend,”

On Thursday, Americans learned that since 2007 the National Security Agency (NSA) has operated a top-secret program called PRISM that vacuums up the actual contents–not just so-called metadata, as with the National Security Agency’s phone record collections–of emails, video and voice chat, photos, Skype calls, web chats, videos, file transfers, and social networking communications.

PRISM circumnavigates the need for court orders and allows the NSA to directly tap and mine data from America’s biggest technology companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and others.

“They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type,” one career intelligence officer told the Washington Post.

A senior Obama Administration official issued a statement stating that the “law does not allow the targeting of any U.S. citizen or of any person located within the United States.” MOREHERE

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