Google Home speaker does not know who Jesus Christ is

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He may be one of the most famous figures in history, but it appears the Google Home smart speaker doesn’t know who Jesus is.

At least, that’s according to several outraged users who have accused Google of deliberately filtering its results to fit its own agenda.

They claim that despite not providing any details about Jesus, the smart speaker can still identify Buddha, Muhammad and Satan.  

When people asked their speaker ‘Who is Jesus?’ the general response from Google Home seems to be ‘I’m not sure how to help you with that.’

One television producer in Nashville compared the theological knowledge of Google Home and Amazon Alexa during a Facebook Live video.

The producer said Alexa could pull up information online about Jesus, Google Home said it had nothing to say – something which needed addressing ‘immediately’ he said.

‘It’s kinda scary, it’s almost like Google has taken Jesus and God out of smart audio,’ Brentwood-based producer and author David Sams told Fox news.

Sams said his Google Home knew who he was but could not identify Jesus.

‘Google knew who I was, but Google did not know who Jesus was, and Google did not know who God was,’ Sams said.

‘I don’t know if there’s some kind of wizard making these decisions or if it’s some kind of oversight but whatever it is, they need to address it immediately’, he said.

Google Home does talk about Jesus when asked about the Last Supper or Saint Peter, other users claim.

‘It knows who Saint Peter and Paul and the rest of the crew, but it won’t talk about Ol’ Yeezy. Christ, Jesus, Jesus Christ; nothing’, wrote Reddit user ‘EvilVegan’.

‘Muhammad, Buddha, Smith, Koresh, Vissarion, anything else; sure. As an atheist, this offends me’, the user wrote.

Another user, ‘Monicakmtx’ also asked ‘Who is Jesus’ and the speaker said ‘sorry I can’t help with that yet’.

‘EvilVegan’ suggested this is because if you Google ‘Who is Jesus’ three Christian websites come up before the Wikipedia page.

This could be a function of the search algorithm rather than Google deliberately filtering results.

However, it seems not all users get the same response.

Reddit user ‘Kittymowmowmow’ said it gave the Wikipedia page for Jesus when asked ‘Who is Jesus Christ?’.

‘It was a pretty detailed response.. Could it be a form of add profiling. Like since I Google Christian stuff’.

‘Alwayssunnyinarizona’ also asked and got the Wikipedia page for Jesus.

‘I asked it who Jesus of Nazareth was and it read a Wikipedia entry’, said another Reddit user ‘Ddbaxte’.

MailOnline has contacted Google for comment.

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4 thoughts on “Google Home speaker does not know who Jesus Christ is

  1. Oh boy…. now you can have a propagandizing speaker right in your home, just like they have in Reverend Moon’s brainwashing camps.

    Anyone who would have this in their house is an idiot, and we don’t need them on our side anyway.

  2. Now consider why this is the case…maybe, just maybe, the owner of Google, or I should say, the owner of Alphabet, is…hummmm….Eric SCHMIDT?

    You know, a JEW? And maybe, just maybe, a TALMUDIC JEW?

    Who woulda thunk it? After all, (Gittin 57 a and b) Jesus is “boiling in Hell for eternity in His own excrement”…

  3. “‘Google knew who I was, but Google did not know who Jesus was, and Google did not know who God was,’ Sams said.”

    That’s because… of the three, mammon can only be extracted from YOU.

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