GOP Strategists Plot to Ban Donald Trump From Debates

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

GOP strategists are plotting on ways to ban leading presidential candidate Donald Trump from participating in the GOP debates.

The party elites are flummoxed by his rise in the polls.

15,000 supporters turned out to see Donald Trump in Arizona in the largest rally to date by any presidential candidate.  

The New York Times reported:

Fear remains in some of the campaigns that Mr. Trump will target their candidates in the lead up to the debate — or at the event itself.

Many national Republican officials are increasingly resigned to Mr. Trump’s looming presence. At a meeting of the Republican Governors Association this week in Aspen, Colo., donors and operatives mused about how to prevent him from hijacking the debate.

One idea that came up was to urge three leading candidates — Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor; Mr. Walker; and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida — to band together and state that they would not participate in any debate in which Mr. Trump was present, using his refusal to rule out a third-party bid as a pretext for taking such a hard line. The thinking, according to a Republican involved in the conversations, was that the lesser-funded prospects who have been eclipsed by Mr. Trump would follow suit, and the TV networks airing the debates would be forced to bar Mr. Trump in order to have a full complement of candidates.

4 thoughts on “GOP Strategists Plot to Ban Donald Trump From Debates

  1. “The party elites are flummoxed by his rise in the polls.”

    Sure they are. Yawn. Idiots who believe the “party elites” are representing them or that they vote are the one’s who are most easily flummoxed. Call me when it’s time for kickoff. I don’t watch sports either.

  2. Oh, no…., banned from the debates? That’s an outrage. IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!

    I have some news for the TV-brainwashed: Donald Trump doesn’t want to be president, and he wouldn’t take the job if the entire country voted for him unanimously.


  3. Wow! It’s Ron Paul presidential campaign all over again.

    But hey, vote Republican. Anything’s better than a Democrat, right? Even if they cheat and scheme, it doesn’t matter as long as the party gets in. Then they will change everything. (says a stupid sheeple) The logic astounds me. 🙄

    I can’t believe people are still participating in this fraud. Do they really have the memory span of head of cabbage? Have they already forgotten what happened three years ago? Man, talk about short attention spans.

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