12 thoughts on “Gov Cuomo says COVID-19 is a Preparation Drill

  1. this goes hand in glove with sec of state Pompeo “we’re in a live exercise here”

    so now the compliant ones are just waiting for the TV to give the all clear so they can leave their homes

  2. I bet they’ll boot Biden since he’s proving to be senile pedo, and they’ll run Cuomo against Trump. No difference ‘tween the three. Police State either way. Can’t ya just wait for that voting circus? Entertainment extrodinaire!!



    1. I was watching this live, and it made my ears perk up. I suppose its impossible to keep the BIG lie going without having these little slips every now and then.

      1. You really believe they make “slips”? C’mon dude seriously?! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING gets broadcast on mainstream media that wasn’t meant to be there. To think otherwise is extreme naivety. Those “slips” are intentional. Talk to anyone who’s worked in the industry where filming takes place & they will fill you in on just how much preparation goes into the “final product” you see on the screen! Don’t believe the BS! If they didn’t want you to hear or see something it wouldn’t be on your screen. There’s obviously a reason the “slips” were included 😉

        1. Agreed

          Things they don’t want in there end up on the cutting room floor
          And if someone doesn’t toe the narrative within the so called news agency
          They end up persona non grata instantly are gone

        2. But surely there are times in live broadcasts where they mess up, no? Maybe just once in a while? I like to think that we sometimes catch them when they go off script, and granted, it’s all scripted. I say, catch ’em where you can and use their own words against them.


        3. Spiritual Karma is the reason for the “slips”. Our Father Almighty does not do anything without telling his children first, same thing applies for the Prince of Darkness. When we are “warned” and do nothing to oppose their spells and ritual magic it gives the hex more power. We are not of this world for eternity, we choose where we will be for eternity. Most people will be making an uninformed decision based on deceptions,delusions and lies. Take a good hard look at how your neighbors,friends and the public are acting and reacting to the material world today with all of the propaganda and diabolical schemes for authoritarian control of every facet of life. There exists a book that contains prophetic warnings that is largely ignored or misinterpreted that has been provided to us for guidance. Seek the Truth.

          1. Your personal beliefs are your own and for goddamn sure fear promotes conversion, then you can justify hiding and waiting for the f-king rapture while the true patriots fight and die for your right to your beliefs.
            You see there exists this single piece of paper with ten articles of absolute law upon it and we will put everything else aside and enforce that f-king law while you prophesize and put our minds straight as to the blatant f-king tyranny that a blind man could see from a hundred yards.
            Don’t try to lay the blame for this shit on people whose personal beliefs are different than yours. Those who have perpetrated this tyranny upon the people have been waiving your mysterious black book in the air and expounding their righteous intent from the get go.

  3. Hey y’all
    When we jack these motherfckers up
    Can we call it a “Drill”?

    You know , just to stay with their narrative eh?

    Time to start stacking these Shit fcks, people
    Our lives are not a fckin game!

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