5 thoughts on “Gov. Tim Walz: ‘The Situation Is Incredibly Dangerous’

  1. Just talked with Henry, the black communists have high jacked our cause, now this…The black high jackers are going to fk everything up, Bill of Rights be damned, more Martin Luther King Bullshit….

    Its hard to wrap your head around, long story short, this isn’t our fight…Those are hard words to spit out, not an easy thing to say..

    If our people get involved with this Dr. Martin Luther King wanna be bullshit, your not fighting for Bill of Rights, not worth dying for, thats for damn sure..

    Where the hell are the Bill of Rights flags??

    Took me awhile to finally understand what’s really going on here. This is why its incredibly important to listen what Henry is telling us.

    1. ‘Took me awhile to finally understand what’s really going on here.’
      didn’t take me long as I grew up in chitcago….JJ and others were always at the ready for the ‘black cause’ 🙂

      1. Yep, I read the alert but didn’t put it together, we are fighting fifteen different agendas, pathetic how Bill of Rights continues to take a back seat Mary.

        FLOYDS death hurt like hell, was it conveniently staged? Who knows, im sure George Floyd wasn’t up for it, these bused in black commies aren’t our friends… they are going to tear the whole goddamn movement apart.

        CNN will never air a white national holding a Bill of Rights flag, let alone interview one. FKG A ….

  2. Anybody else notice Walz-ing video time is 9:11?
    The stench of this distraction is as bad as covid. You remember that one? The killer from everywhere? It’s disappeared but the Communism stayed.
    This Floyd matter is just begging for attention, and I ain’t givin’ it!! ‘Cept here.

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