Government Wants To Buy Land And Give It Back To Native American Tribes

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

No, no, no!! I think I we all can agree that dealing with the US government has NEVER been beneficial to the Native American people. This is as insult, at best. Geez, thanks for giving us back land that wasn’t yours to start with! The sellers of the land don’t seem to want to sell. Eminent Domain?? Land grab?  

The U.S. government is gearing up to spend nearly $2 billion on 10 million acres of land that will in turn be given back to Native American tribes. The plan entails buying back reservation land from willing sellers and distributing that land among 150 tribes across the nation, the McClatchy Newspapers reported Sunday.

Congress agreed to the buyback in 2010 to settle a lawsuit. “We can improve Indian Country if people will go along with this program and sell their interests back to their tribes,” Kevin Washburn, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, said in an interview.

Meanwhile, tribe leaders say 45 percent of the land will go to just seven tribes, while other tribes will have to fight over the rest. “We’re all going to be fighting for scraps,” said Chief James Allan of Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene Tribe and many believe that property owners are expected to be reluctant sellers. “This is a modern day retaking of the land and, given the historical implications of that, they don’t want to relive it,” said Les Riding-In, assistant dean and director of graduate studies at the University of Texas-Arlington and a member of the Comanche Tribe. “It’s reminiscent of how the government took the land back when colonization was happening.”

This is how the government has dealt with the Native Americans through out history.

4 thoughts on “Government Wants To Buy Land And Give It Back To Native American Tribes

  1. This video is just another example that if anyone believes or trusts anything from any branch of goverment then they will be deceived. Our govt. is nothing more than a bunch of panywastes and liers. Hell bent on controlling people for themselves and their eliite freinds that got them where they are at concerned with nothing but their own benefit.

      1. Yep RT Hawk, we know all too well. The govt. would have to buy back a LOT of land to give back to the people. Good nite guys time to call it a nite shortly. 🙂

        1. Hope ya had a good one Digger,
          my computer went wonky and lost connection after I posted here. Took a couple of hrs. til back up or would have commented back 🙂

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