Governor Cuomo, 67 Wanted Aide Charlotte Bennett, To Take Her Mask Off, Instead She Filed A Sexual Harassment Suit

Even a Jew commie needs to get his feathers rustled occasionally, and the hell with those pesky masks, as they get in Cuomo’s way. Only little people wear masks, right Andrew? I mean, when you force a kiss, that mask is the last thing you want in your way.

Cuomo not only is a cluster of high treason, fraud and complicit with an illegal takeover of our Bill Of Rights, he also likes to take his old ass head and use it to try and force sex on women decades younger, a real New York scumbag, and he fits that role beautifully. 

What happens now you son of a bitch? You gonna just let the taxpayers take care of this little problem? Your pathetic Jew ass just showed America your obvious sexual hang ups, but makes us all wonder how many more?

Hell, you stand in front of cameras and open your pie hole demanding no guns, higher taxes, throwing the 2nd article under the bus, but sexual deviate behavior is ok?

Step down scumbag, you are finished, caput, done ass hole. Your city has turned into a shit hole, your old ass head is the reason why.

7 thoughts on “Governor Cuomo, 67 Wanted Aide Charlotte Bennett, To Take Her Mask Off, Instead She Filed A Sexual Harassment Suit

  1. I say step up..! To the gallows where him and his kind and their masters are headed anyways.

    That said why are the Zio Masters burning one of their own who has done all these biddings for them, and clearly know that this is all a scam and who many of the top players are.?

  2. How convenient these women come out now to take the spot light away from the mass murderer to the sexual harasser. Quite frankly I don’t give two pinches of owl chit about those allegedly ‘sexually harassed’ women. I do care that people are being intentionally murdered

    1. Go to New York City Mary and take a look at Times Square, I’m going to tear this Jew piece of shit up every chance I get.

      Yes, I think we all feel the same way as you

  3. Haha Good rant, Mark! For a second I was wondering what article it was aggregated from before I realized it was you.

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