Governor Kevin Stitt: “Oklahoma Stands With Israel”

May 22, 2020
“Oklahoma stands with Israel 🇮🇱
HB 3967 makes it clear Oklahoma will not do business with companies that boycott Israel & declares them as a prominent trading partner with our state. Thank you Rep. McBride & Sen. Weaver for your hard work!”

8 thoughts on “Governor Kevin Stitt: “Oklahoma Stands With Israel”

  1. Oklahoma stands with israel = standing with SATAN, MOLOCK, ABADDON, BEELZEBUB, APOLLYON, Agel of light…different hats same DOUCHE-BAG.

  2. This sloppy commie has had some BIIIG DEPOOOSITS IN HIS BANK ACCOUNTS, OBVIOUSLY!

    JOOS in Okie City, who would have thunk it!

  3. That still shot before you even press play sums up where bibi holsters his piece.

    Good goy. You have earned your shekels.

    And soon you will earn your stupid prize for playing in their stupid game.

    Congratulations! Pinata and soccer will be the next game you play in!

    You were gonna get it anyway though because you’re ALL guilty at that level.

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