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Gov’t Failed to Help, So Dad Builds 5 Mile Road BY HIMSELF, So His Kids Can Go To School

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

A dedicated father in Kandhamal, India has created positive waves around the world for single-handedly constructing a five-mile-long road to connect his village to the main road in the next town—so his sons could be the first people in his family to attend school.

One of the most oft-repeated arguments presented in favor of the necessity of taxation is that of roads.  

“But who would build the roads?”

This question has been asked repeatedly by those who defend taxation as a means to facilitate human travel.

All too often, those who make this argument will claim—incorrectly—that government builds roads. However, roads are not built by governments. Roads are built by private citizens who’ve been given a government contract to build them.

Often times, due to the inherently corrupt nature of government contracts and backdoor deals, the citizens are fleeced as they pay high prices for inexperienced companies to build substandard roads that fail in only a few years.

While substandard products from government contracts may seem like a waste of taxpayer dollars, many times, the money taken from citizens in the form of taxation never even builds those promised roads.

Jalandhar Nayak realized this problem years ago, so he took matters into his own hands. As the Times of India reported, Nayak, a vegetable seller, said that he never had access to education and seeing his children suffer in crossing the area forced him to take this step and clear the hillocks to make a pathway.

“My children found it hard to walk on the narrow and stony path while going to their school. I often saw them stumbling against the rocks and decided to carve a road through the mountain so that they can walk more easily,” he told News World Odisha.

Instead of using the tax money they were collecting from Nayak’s village to build a road to connect them to town, the Block Development Office simply told them to move.

“It is almost an inhabitable area where he lives, we had earlier invited him to come and live in the city but he refused,” S K Jena, the Block Development Officer (BDO) said.

Not wanting to abandon his farm and his village, Nayak chose a different path.

Every single day for two straight years this vegetable seller from Odisha state grabbed his tools, consisting of a chisel, a garden hoe, and a pickaxe, and he did what people only think tax dollars can do. He built a road.

Before he built this road, it would take his sons nearly six hours a day just to walk to class and back. Now, however, they can do it in no time, thereby allowing them to contribute more to the family.

Naturally, after Nayak’s story began to gain the attention of local media, the government quickly stepped in and offered up their support.

As the Press Trust of India reported, Nayak’s efforts went largely unnoticed until January 9 when the collector invited him to her office, having read reports about him in a local newspaper.

The collector offered him financial support and directed the block development officer (BDO) of Phulbani to engage laborers and complete the road construction work.

“Nayak’s effort and determination to cut mountains to build a road left me spellbound,” the local administrator, Brundha D, told reporters.

Indeed, Nayak’s effort and determination are a testament to the power of humanity to accomplish great things—even without our masters in the state telling us we can.

Free Thought Project

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8 Responses to Gov’t Failed to Help, So Dad Builds 5 Mile Road BY HIMSELF, So His Kids Can Go To School



  2. Darzak says:

    Had the gentleman in this story attempted this in this part of the world, he would have been visited by no less than: the Environmental Protection Agency, Transportation Security Agency, US Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Federal Bureau of Investigations, US Marshall Service, Department of Homeland Security, State E.P.A., State D.O.T., county and/or local Building Code Enforcement, State or County Taxing Authority, “Big Moe” from the Enforcing Arm of the local Mafioso, various Process Servers and of course, Hymie, Abe and Schlomo from the firm of Dowee Cheetum & Howe. The poor bastard would have been regulated, injunctioned, surveyed, threatened, fined, extorted, beaten, sued and taxed right out of his intention to fulfill his desire of making it less prohibitive for his children to be educated. He would have lost his business, all his wealth, and would likely have been imprisoned.
    WAY past time to fix this abominable situation!

  3. galen says:

    Well, beyond all the bureaucracy/environmental politics, and even though we know the schools are toxic government camps, I kinda get off on the idea of a father going the distance for what I’m sure he believed would benefit his children. A point I could not miss.

    I guess there’s hardly a move we can make where the best of intentions are not smeared by the oppressive system. Still, those moves continue, in and around the ugly and awful. Maybe his children will grow up to be a source of good, or writers of great novels, or involved in the advancement of freedom. A road can lead many places.


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