11 thoughts on “Goy Guide To World History [full documentary]

  1. “Capitalism, which is basically state – sponsored usary.” Great definition! “It is the systematic appropriation of all surplus value.”

  2. “Wherever you have the disease of capitalism you’re going to have the puerialent boil of socialism as the manifestation that the political body is sick.”

    Quite the statement! This is an excellent documentary!

      1. Yeah, KOYOTE, I wasn’t sure if you and I had just discovered this great documentary at the same time or if indeed you’d seen the post in the comments. Either way it got posted twice which it’s well deserving of.

  3. This documentary, while informative, has some serious flaws. the interviewee, said himself that being white isn’t a race, that one has to have a religious identity, to be a white person. Ok… so how is a book of superstition, written by men, some sort of validation that one is white? Is the holey buy-bull ratified law? was there a stenographer present when it was written with witnesses attesting to the truth of it’s statements? NO! ALL ‘holy’ books are backed by faith, and nothing else. I wil lnot stand for faith and superstition, especially when it comes to my racial identity, and the rule of LAW! ABSOLUTE LAW under my BILL OF RIGHTS!

    And what i find doubly offensive, is the fact that a LOT of you alleged ‘christians’ out there tend to look down your nose at those that aren’t saved, because they have not accepted jeevus crisp as their savior. As if you are better than us, because you have your friggin BOOK! STOP trying to VIOLATE my 1st article!!!! You can believe whatever you want. I can believe whatever i want. I am NOT prosletyzing every chance i get. So can you please stop doing the same? Maybe then we can get on the same page of saving the REPUBLIC that was based on ABSOLUTE LAW enshrined in OUR Bill Of RIghts.

    This is why i despise christians.

    1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      F-K YOU……………
      GROW UP…………

      1. I appreciate your rational and well reasoned reply, addressing the issues i brought up, rather than a juvenile, ad hominem attack that comes so often from those that believe in fictional beings.

        Oh wait, you didn’t do that. And put words in my mouth. Deflection much?

        thank you for proving my point so quickly.

    2. hey Atrax, I appreciate your reply and agree we need to be on the same page ‘of saving the REPUBLIC that was based on ABSOLUTE LAW enshrined in OUR Bill Of RIghts. ‘

    3. I don’t recall the alleged comment regarding being white isn’t a race & that one has to have a religious identity. I’d like to know the minute mark where this occurs. Will you provide please?

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