GPS Coordinates for 20 of the Top HAARP facilities

Exopolitics, June 6, 2011

1- High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programn (HAARP)
Gakona Alaska
+62° 23′ 30.00″, -145° 8′ 48.00″

2- High Power Auroral Stimulation Observatory (HIPAS)
Fairbanks Alaska
64° 52′ 19″ N 146° 50′ 33″ W  

3- Poker Flat Research Range
Near Chatanika, Alaska
+65° 7′ 23.90″, -147° 28′ 7.05″

4- Platteville Atmospheric Observatory
Platteville, Colorado
+40° 10′ 54″, -104° 43′ 30″

5- Millstone Hill Radio Observatory
Westford, Massachusetts
+42° 37′ 09.25″, -71° 29′ 28.49″

6- The Arecibo Observatory radio telescope
Arecibo Puerto Rico.
18°20’38.97″N 66°45’9.77″W

7- Jicamarca Radio Observatory
Lima, Peru
11° 57′ 08.25″ S 76° 52′ 30.67″ W

8- São Luiz Space Observatory
Cruzeiro Santa Bárbara, Sao Luis-MA, Brasil
-2° 35′ 40.47″, -44° 12′ 35.90″

9- Nerc MST Radar Facility
Capel Dewi, Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom
+52° 25′ 28.26″, -4° 00′ 19.59″

10- European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association EISCAT
Ramfjordmoen, Near Tromsø, Norway
+69° 35′ 10.94″, +19° 13′ 20.89″

11- Sura Facility
Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
+56° 7′ 9.70″, +46° 2′ 3.66″

12- The Russian Woodpecker
Duga Radar Array, Chenobyl, Ukraine
51°18’20.17″N, 30°04’02.60″E

13- National MST Radar Facility NMRF
Gadanki, India
+13° 27′ 26.68″, +79° 10′ 30.74″

14- China Research Institute of Radiowave Propagation (CRIRP)
Xinjiang (Sinkiang) Region
40°24’15.91″N, 93°38’09.74″E

15- Sheshan, Shanghai,
31°5′41.98″N, 121°11′29.72″E

16- Mu Radar
in Japan
34°51’14.80″N 136° 6’19.45″E

17- Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN)
Laverton, West Australia
-28° 19′ 36.29″, +122° 0′ 18.84″

18- Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN)
Longreach, Queensland, Australia
-23° 39′ 29.53″, +144° 8′ 49.58″

19- Australia Naval Communications Station Harold E Holt (NCS HEH)
Exmouth, Western Australia. 21° 48′ 59.47″s, 114° 09′ 55.60″

20- Zhong Shan Antarctic Polar Station (China)
69º 22′ 43.69″ S 76º 23′ 15.07″ E

6 thoughts on “GPS Coordinates for 20 of the Top HAARP facilities

  1. Now this is the kind of intelligence that we need more often. Thanks, #1 for posting. I copied the list.

    1. I only knew of about half of these facilities. Didn’t even know about the one in my hometown (Fairbanks).

      Something new every day.

      1. I thought there were only about 8 HAARP places in the world. 20 of them makes the damn thing even more dangerous.

        Yea, #1, I thought Alaska only had 1 facility. Now they have 2 more. Ugh! Then we have Colorado and Massachusetts. I wouldn’t be surprised if Texas had one hidden somewhere in San Antonio or Houston, since they have to stick their noses in everything involving space and military operations.

  2. Damn! China’s got three of them. Shanghai has one. That surprises me. However, the one in Xinjiang doesn’t. That’s where all the Uighur people and the Chinese muslims are located and is the place where all the riots break out that you always hear about in the news. It would be the perfect place to hide it with all the distractions of riots and human rights abuses.

    As far as the one in Antarctic region, that is really strange. Didn’t know China invested in Antarctica or even had an interest in it. I don’t even think half of the people in China even know where Antarctica is on a map (with the exception of the government, of course).

    Hell, these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if many Americans don’t even know where Antarctica is on a map. Sounds like something Mark Dice would be asking in one of his popular videos proving the dumbing down of America.

    Anyways, I guess India having one shouldn’t really surprise me either.

    1. That was in one of the articles on HAARP posted last year. China, Russia, US, Norway, and France (I think) all have HAARP facilities in Antarctica, and they all went online last summer.

      They said those are the last ones to be built.

      Somehow that’s not a comforting thought.

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