Grab your Guns, Here come the Gun Grabbers

The soviet socialists have put forth every suggestion as to what they might attempt in furthering their advance towards the disarmament of we American nationals and I don’t think they are liking our response.  The futility of lying about our numbers has become obvious as the mainstream propagandists are being forced to admit that the more talk there is of confiscation, the more we Americans are arming, equipping, and preparing to resist any further incursions upon our God given rights.

The speculation on what might be proposed ran completely wild last week and I believe this was the intent, as the goal has been to gauge our response to ascertain as to where we have drawn our line.  The fact is every assertion of gun control put forth by the communists is causing that line to be pushed forward by we American nationals to the point that we are not only forbidding any further acts of infringement, but indeed are demanding that all past infringements be removed.

The Irish mobster, Joe Biden, will be putting forth recommendations for actions against our 2nd Amendment to the traitor, Barry, tomorrow.  Of course Biden will be claiming that these recommendations have been conjured up by the so called stake holders – gun manufacturers, whole sellers, and retailers.  It would seem the only stake holders that will not be consulted are those who hold the greatest stake, the American nationals.  This is a standoff and our enemies know it.

Yesterday, what was being identified as a fringe element in opposition to infringement amounting to thousands is now being called a worrisome concern consisting of millions as the undeniable truth is revealed via the mad rush by Americans to arm and prep for war against the enemy who is now clearly identified.

We must be vigilant and attack the upcoming proposals for further infringements as viciously as we intent to attack those who would try to enact any such infringements.  There will be no further compromise and we might as well let these commies know it right out the gate.  This week we must let our enemies see our absolute resolve through a total renunciation of any and all proposals in every venue of the alternate media.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

22 thoughts on “Grab your Guns, Here come the Gun Grabbers

  1. This govt. may be many things,..but stupid it is not.
    We hear about how gun-grab threats have driven americans to arm up.
    We assume the fockers did not see this backlash coming….or did they?
    Hell Ray Charles could’a seen this coming!! I don’t for a minute believe they are that damn stupid. The boys up in the situation room have played these scenarios many many times and know the possible outcomes.

    I try to look at events from several angles to see the whole picture if possible……who profits from this?……follow the money.
    Remember the gun grab scare when obamma-laden was first elected? What happened…record sales on guns and ammo and huge price increases. Same thing this time but even worse!

    Folks say the govt gig is over..the cats outta the bag and people are fed up…..the economy is crashing…all true!
    But why would gov-co do this idiotic thing now?……to keep from swinging on a rope? I feel its much more serious than that.

    I feel they want us armed to either fight amongst our own selves and kill each other off, or…they are picking a fight in which they know will cause the mainland to be attacked and invaded and they know the military cant fight it alone. Red Dawn scenario?? who knows?

    I dont know….but I do know something about all this just isnt right. Im sure others have stopped and thought about this also.
    Any of this is possible and we need to keep our eyes open and our minds sharp lest we prepare for a faux attack and get stabbed in the back from out of left field.
    By all means stay focused but not one-track closed minded.

    Hell its become a crazy world

    1. OV
      Or it could be that they are really that out of touch with reality and they think that the people are just going to go along with whatever they say, and they think we are irrational for thinking that we can oppose them on any level, that is how it is in my state, the politicians are controlled by special interest and if you dont talk their talk they dont want to listen to you, result, the politicians do what they want and treat us like slaves, all the county employees treat us like slaves, all the state employees treat us like slaves, all the federal employees treat us like slaves, get my drift,,,, point is, there could be a perfect storm of things brewing, at least that is the way it feels, the feds know they cant stop the printing presses because tax revenue is not high enough, history says when you raise taxes you get a temporary rise in revenue, then it drops lower than it was before, they know they cant create jobs, they have made it too easy to send work away, and now they are going to tax those who are successful, I know,,, its a percentage thing, you and I pay around 39% if were working a 7:00-3:30 gig, and so the wealthy should pay the same amount,,,, but think about it, these folks are paying hundreds of thousands and in some instances millions in taxes,,, Do they use up that many government services that they should have to pay hundreds of times more to live in the same airspace as a guy who is paying 5k a year???? these people also most likely pay taxes in more than one state for more than one home, so are paying into this retarded system wayyyyy more than anyone. The corporate crap is a different thing all together, those f#@kers need to pay more taxes, when GE pays less taxes than some guy who runs a hardware store we got issues.
      Anyway, I got way off track, point was we have a perfect storm of crap coming, it goes way beyond the issue of some autistic kid who shot up a school with his moms guns, it goes deeper than the 1% not paying enough taxes, it goes way deeper than most of us know Im sure.
      But I have no problem believeing that the government lip flappers think we have no clue what is going on and will squawk and not do anything and go along with their crap, many will, lots of folks who dont want to rock the boat, but there are a lot who have had it with these idiots ripping us off, and will gladly load all their magazines and strap on their web gear and fill anyone who tries to take anything from them with holes, yea they might get shot too, but for a lot of us it doesnt matter, would rather be on the side of the patriots and at least try than be one of the steamrolled sheep, anyway, sorry for the rant, we got issues folks and these things cant be papered over. How comfortable are you with paying for these jerks who have held office? we give them lifetime medical, a retirement after just one term, in many cases we pay for all their transportation and housing, do you think that was the intent of the founders???? to create a ruling elite paid by our hard work and given a life of ease???

      1. There is no need for any income tax in this country, but there is a need to charge those who would capitalize on our raw resources for those resources as they belong to we American nationals. Those making the most are using the most.
        I do not like this communist system, but to try to separate your theoretical rich man and say “he shouldn’t have to pay more” is bullshit. You want us to look at him as an individual and forget about the collective he represents, the collective that manufactures our resources to allow the procurement of his wealth, the collective that transports his product in 80,000 lbs vehicles on our public roads.
        Like I said, I deplore this communism but don’t try to defend the elite to me as they are the biggest parasites sucking on the system.
        In short, don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

        1. As soon as you start talking about the collective you loose me, collective is communist or socialist, vehicles pay a weight tax to be licensed, most loads are taxed in one way or another through FET or the like, so the roads argument doesnt fly with me,
          I wasnt singling out any wealthy anyone, I know lots of folks who have done real well with their money, and I dont care how they did it, my point was that TAXING PEOPLE MORE ISNT GOING TO FIX THE PROBLEM
          the government needs to stop spending,
          if you make 100 bucks a day, how much are you going to spend a day? most likely not more than 100 bucks and most likely a lot less, these dummies are printing an extra $1,300,000,000,000 A YEAR
          How are we going to ever pay that off? are you willing to pay 50% 60% 70% of your income? why the hell would anyone go along with that? If I was wealthy do you think I would just go along with paying a million dollars in taxes or would I be better off to just cash in my investments buy a whole lot of physical gold and silver and sit back and live off what I have collected? end of story, no more taxes, I already know 2 people who are doing this, and I dont blame them. anyway, not attacking anyone in particular but that collective thing sounds like some crap out of an Ayan Rand book

          1. Horse shit. What is a corporation if not a collective? And don’t try to tell me that these corporations do not use unconstitutional collective power to oppress the individual.
            You are still in the matrix, my friend. This is not about taxing and spending, it is about fraudulent debt through fraudulent borrowing and lending.
            This economy is going to collapse, no matter how much taxes are increased or spending is reduced. The fiat dollar was designed to collapse and to suggest that a handful of elitists are not being handed/given the entire wealth of our natural resources in the United States is a neo-con lie.
            The resources of this country belong to we American nationals as real property and via the $50 trillion theft known as the international derivative scam, they are being stolen from us 100%. And anyone who has knowingly participated and been enriched by the theft is a part of the theft and they will be brought to answer up for their crimes, each and every one of them.

    2. The fact is the think tanks believed not so much that the propaganda would work, but that they could get away with it.
      The 2012 election was a sham, perpetrated by a minute minority of communists within, but they did manage to force it down our throats. The only difference with the gun control is that they failed to hide the overwhelming numbers of opposition because they could not hide the arming and prepping because the patriotic opposition is out in public at every store and gun show, voicing their discontent.
      They may very well attempt a third world war, thinking it may derail our Revolution, and this will be their final miscalculation as we are as determined to stop our destruction through foreign war as we are to keep our weapons.

      1. Yeah…that war would be over the Petro-dollar and without guns they can force us into military or civilian labor forces.
        I tell ya Henry…there are so many facets to this thing its very hard to see the truth thru all the fog

        1. OV
          I think there was an EO that covered that base,,, not sure what it was called but there is one that gives them the right to utilize any resource that they need to their benefit and the benefit of the greater good, basicly they could come to my farm, tell me I need to plant out the whole thing with peas because they need peas for their soup lines, and I would be considered a terrorist or subversive if I dont go along with it,, of course I would never go alonig with it, would rather spread tordon over the whole place and walk away than do what the government pr#@ks want, sorry for the rant

    3. Why are they sending out Hannity to talk about secession?

      Why are other fork tongued propagandists start to come out and drum up rage where during the bush years they had none?

      Where were they when all of the infrastructure that is being used against us was being put in place?

      Why is Beck positioning himself to be a libertarian?
      I know he’s trying to make money off of idiots but NOBODY gives you 100 million dollars and doesn’t expect to get any results

      Why is Rand Paul being sold as the next Reagan?

      They are going to try and use our momentum against us, just like the greek myth of the minotaur. If we blindly charge at them while we have the upper hand then they will use our own rage and size against us.

    4. Oldvet, I agree. We are both on the same page of that. We always need to question everything and think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to go down “rabbit holes” as Henry likes to put it.

      So don’t be afraid to post those rabbit holes onto here as they open up doors to other ideas and so on that the awakened people, may have overlooked and I always enjoy reading and analyzing them.

      As I always say, “A warrior who only knows one side, leaves himself open for destruction”.

  2. HI, oldvet — I think this is a good question (But why would gov-co do this idiotic thing now?), because their actions certainly don’t make sense, at least not in a sane world.

    But what choice do they have? Too many people know the truth, and if they can’t render us powerless, they’ll all wind up in jail, so they really have nothing to lose by giving disarmament a shot. They have to do this whether it makes sense or not. If it looks like they’re going to lose, they’ll just flee the country, which they’ll probably have to do anyway if they can’t disarm us.

    Another thing to consider is that their intent is to destroy the country, and this disarmament attempt will go far to achieve that. They may not care at all if they win or lose, because they’re all set to disappear on a jet if things get ugly, and let their stooges do all the fighting and dying. With that in mind, they have nothing to lose by trying this, and really have no choice but to forge ahead with their crazy plan to disarm us.

    1. Well exactly…the ZioGov has many tentacles….far reaching.

      The point I was trying to make and didnt get across clearly…Was,..there is even more than….not opposed to,… just a gun grab.
      That was my reason for the comment on staying focused but not one-track minded.

      Also as far as pitting group against group (while they load their wealth on flights out of the country) that is happening even now ; Pro gun-anti gun…..Union-Non Union……Black-White- Indian-Hispanic…democrazy-repubtards….Preppers-non Preppers.
      Im just looking at the fact our govt. has many oars in the water with fals flag incident……war plans behind the Maine sinking…..Patriot Act and War on Terror from on and so on.

      Im just saying maybe we need to watch for and possible prepare for other “incidents” to simultaneously occur

      1. You forgot Jews vs. Gentiles…one of the problems I have with alternative blogs and media and freedom loving individuals is this: too many of you blame the Jews for everything, and, in terms of foreign policy, to many of you blame Israel for everything, including 9-11. Folks, there are many Jewish Zionist traitors, but there are also Jews who are patriots and will work alongside Gentiles to restore liberty. Not all Jews are Talmudic. Not all Jews want Gentiles to be their slaves. If you don’t believe me, read more articles on this site, one very liberty loving article by a lady named Rachel Cohen, for instance. Cohen, of course, is Jewish (never heard of a Cohen who wasn’t!) Then there is the group Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. I simply can’t believe that all the 99 percent or whatever needs to get together against the oligarch/power-elite/psychopathy according to most patriot bloggers, and then they blame eveything on Jews. Talk about divide and conquer.
        BTW, I am not a Jew but a Gentile.

        1. Well……….you mentioned that….I didnt… but there are many others just as big…Protestants against The Vatican and the pope…….etc. etc. etc………..Deal is they are using and will use every wedge they can

        2. Yea the Jew vs Zionist Jew thing is still a sensitive subject and we shouldn’t blame all Jews for the Zionist agenda. However, it is up to the non-Zionist Jews to do their part by standing up and proving themselves as being worthy patriots, instead of sitting in the corner while nibbling their fingers and wondering on how to profit or take advantage on the side that will win. Once they go down the “for profit/advantage” hole, they start to become the bad ones, as they can be easily swayed to move ever so closer to the Zionist agenda.

          1. Blaming everything on zionists is one of their forms of counter intelligence.

            As soon as anybody screams “Anti-Semite!” all productive dialog stops.

        3. DL, who other than Israel should we blame for 9/11? Mossad is Israhelli intelligence (an oxymoron, that one), and they were the main perpetrators behind 9/11. Naturally, the CIA and the so-called ‘government’ were also involved, but Mossad was front and center on that one. If memory serves, there were no more than 2 or 3 ‘jews’ killed in the twin towers that day, as they were all warned not to go to work on 9/11. Larry Silverstein, the owner of those buildings, had tripled the insurance on them weeks before. 9/11 was done for myriad reasons, but my top three picks would be: to enact the (un)Patriot Act, to make the (innocent) Muslims the targets of the so-called ‘War on Terror’, and to create an excuse to invade Afghanistan & Iraq, then Libya and the rest of the Middle East, eventually.

          The cold, hard fact is that the Zionist AshkeNAZI so-called ‘jews’ STOLE the state of Israhell from the Palestinians, and continue to genocide them daily. These Talmudic sub-human creatures are the most despicable scum to ever walk the face of the Earth, so any ‘jews’ living in Palestine are complicit in the the murders of those women and children – guilt by association.

          I, for one, will brook no defense of any ‘jews’ living in Palestine.

  3. Joe Biden is one of the main reasons why NO FIREARMS or nuclear weapons should be submitted to the U.S. government. White bread mafioso.

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