18 thoughts on “Grandpa knocks out middle aged man

  1. Maybe that little punk-ass turd could fight better if he pulled up his pants like a grown-up.
    I’m trying to Meme this video…how about:
    1. Old age and treachery will always overcome youth and enthusiasm!
    2. Never pick a fight with an old man; if he’s too tired to fight, he may just kill you.
    This video made me smile…thanks!

  2. @sshole got off easy, imo.

    Since he was the instigator, I’d have kicked him in the head (maybe even the balls) after he went down… just for good measure. POS!

      1. LOL… then call one of those scam numbers that cost thousands of dollars per minute on it.

        Haven’t seen you here for a while, DirtNap. How goes it?

        1. New Job has me living in La Quinta’s all over Orlando. Was supposed to go to a 500yd range today…too hung over (pissing out the wrong end). Just ordered Dominoes, like this will help.
          Yeah, had to unplug for a bit, getting too pissed off. Took up Hog hunting, fat bastards taste good. Thinking about getting a Gyro copter license, South Florida is boring as f#@k. What are up you up to mang?

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