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Grandpa knocks out middle aged man


Added: 1 day ago Occurred On: Nov-16-2017
By: QuakerBaker9

They both wanted to see who was tougher, they weren’t friends by all means

Read more at https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2d1_1510848912#sCQ13qoAQHPIuJS7.99

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18 Responses to Grandpa knocks out middle aged man

  1. Katie says:

    Too funny!

  2. mary in ND says:


  3. Bud Fox says:

    Maybe that little punk-ass turd could fight better if he pulled up his pants like a grown-up.
    I’m trying to Meme this video…how about:
    1. Old age and treachery will always overcome youth and enthusiasm!
    2. Never pick a fight with an old man; if he’s too tired to fight, he may just kill you.
    This video made me smile…thanks!

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    @sshole got off easy, imo.

    Since he was the instigator, I’d have kicked him in the head (maybe even the balls) after he went down… just for good measure. POS!

    • DirtNap says:

      The best is to film yourself pissing on his face with ‘his’ phone…..priceless.

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        LOL… then call one of those scam numbers that cost thousands of dollars per minute on it.

        Haven’t seen you here for a while, DirtNap. How goes it?

        • DirtNap says:

          New Job has me living in La Quinta’s all over Orlando. Was supposed to go to a 500yd range today…too hung over (pissing out the wrong end). Just ordered Dominoes, like this will help.
          Yeah, had to unplug for a bit, getting too pissed off. Took up Hog hunting, fat bastards taste good. Thinking about getting a Gyro copter license, South Florida is boring as f#@k. What are up you up to mang?

  5. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Grandpa went home, tried on his military whites, kicked his dog and shadow boxed the rest of the night!

  6. Paul says:

    “2. Never pick a fight with an old man; if he’s too tired to fight, he may just kill you.”

    Yep! :Wink:

  7. Mark Schumacher in LV says:



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