Graphic Video Shows Cops Make K9 Maul Surrendered, Handcuffed Man for Nearly 2 Minutes

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Graton, CA — A disturbing video was shared with the Free Thought Project this week of a violent arrest that may not have even been justified. A man accused of violating parole was paid a visit by Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies Saturday, who proceeded to unleash a taser and K-9 on him for no reason.

Jason Anglero-Wyrick, 35, was seen on cellphone footage with his hands in the air and surrendering to police before they unleashed a violent fury upon him. The video begins with Anglero-Wyrick standing behind his girlfriend, Naustachia Green, 35, with his hands up in the air.

According to the police, “deputies grabbed Green and pulled her away from Anglero-Wyrick who allegedly headed toward the house. A sheriff’s office K-9 bit Anglero-Wyrick on the right leg and Anglero-Wyrick was handcuffed after an apparent struggle.”

However, if you watch the video below, that is not at all what happened. Green was standing in front of Anglero-Wyrick as the couple both had their arms in the air. All of the sudden, for no apparent reason, a cop shoots Anglero-Wyrick with his taser causing him to fall to the ground.

Proving just how compliant he was, in some amazing show of discipline, Anglero-Wyrick — after just being tasered — immediately placed his hand behind his back. He was face-down on the ground, with his hands in his lower back waiting for handcuffs and not a threat to anyone.

Despite these facts and despite another officer moving in to handcuff Anglero-Wyrick, the K-9 officer released his vicious dog and it began tearing into Anglero-Wyrick’s leg.

The dog latches onto Anglero-Wyrick’s right leg at approximately 8 seconds into the video. Incredibly enough, Anglero-Wyrick keeps his hands behind his back — resisting the urge to writhe in pain — as the dog shreds his calf muscle to pieces.

Twenty seconds after the dog began tearing into the prostrate surrendered man’s leg, cops get Anglero-Wyrick into handcuffs. Despite the fact that the man is now face-down on the ground, and in handcuffs, the dog is allowed to keep biting him. As Anglero-Wyrick screams out in pain, the cop who just handcuffed him starts stomping on his other leg — for good measure, of course.

Another minute and 10 seconds would pass after the handcuffs were placed on Anglero-Wyrick before the cops would take the dog off of his leg.

According to police, they went to Anglero-Wyrick’s home that day because he was accused of allegedly violating his parole.

Anglero-Wyrick, 35, and a woman allegedly made threats to a resident in the 8500 block of Trenton Road in Forestville. The resident who reported the incident said the suspects returned around 4:40 p.m., pointed a gun at the caller and drove away, according to the sheriff’s office.

However, after the arrest, the alleged complainant withdrew their accusation and refused to cooperate with police. What’s more, according to police, no gun was found in Anglero-Wyrick’s residence, vehicle, or person. The alleged victims of the Forestville incident became uncooperative so deputies did not arrest Anglero-Wyrick for threats and brandishing a gun in that incident, according to sheriff’s officials.

In a likely attempt to justify the disturbing act of police brutality captured on video, officers still arrested Anglero-Wyrick on suspicion of felony violation of parole and resisting arrest. He was treated at a hospital and later posted $5,000 bail.

His girlfriend, Naustachia Green, who was pictured in the beginning of the video standing in front of Anglero-Wyrick, was also arrested. Deputies accused her of fighting with the deputies and refusing to be handcuffed. She was placed in a patrol car where she apparently continued yelling and resisting, sheriff’s officials said.

Below is a graphic example of how doing everything police say, can and will still lead to your subsequent torture in their custody. The taxpayers of Graton, California will most assuredly being paying out a large sum of money for this incident.

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3 thoughts on “Graphic Video Shows Cops Make K9 Maul Surrendered, Handcuffed Man for Nearly 2 Minutes

  1. The man had his hands out, still the attack. Gruesome. Police state is the real virus, spreading cruel communism. And sorry to use a fantasy analogy, but it applies: Those who would train dogs to behave this way are like Saruman corrupting the high elves, taking some of the most beautiful creatures on earth and making them ugly, vicious, and almost unstoppable. 2nd Article kills the virus.


  2. This kind of shit is going to get real interesting during a fullonbullshit shelter in place ORDER
    Wait n see

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