Grassroots Occupy Protesters and Tea Partiers Be Aware There are Infiltrators in our Midst

The SEIU (Service Employees International Union) has launched a campaign to take over the Occupy movement for the soviet socialists.  The SEIU contributed $61 million to Obama’s election campaign in 2008 and now they think they are going to hijack our movement and use it to put the traitor Obama in office for another four years.

I think the SEIU understands that our patriotic movement cannot be taken over, however I do believe they are going to try to use the same techniques used by the neo-cons on the grassroots Tea Party to create the illusion that they control the power the movement represents.

A group of soviet socialists in Portland, Oregon has written a declaration stating that it asserts the will of we the 99%.  Question: by what authority did this group act and by what process was their declaration ratified by we the 99%?  I have read this declaration.  Those who wrote it are soviet socialist infiltrators.

Our cause was started by and consists of patriotic Americans who want our Republic reinstated under our Constitution and these socialists have used just enough of that assertion to try to make their actions seem legit.

Be it made clear.  The United States of America is not a democracy wherein there is mob rule.  It is in fact a Republic wherein the rights of the individual are asserted as absolute in our Constitution, explicitly to protect the individual from democracy, hence mob rule.

When the blacks of the old south fought segregation in the State of Alabama, if democracy were allowed to prevail, individual freedom would not have.  One of the writers of our Constitution, John Adams, said of democracy, “Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”  Look what has happen in Greece.

In this Occupy Portland declaration you will see the socialists suggesting that we enforce our federal Constitution through State legislation.  No, this is not how it is done.  This is how socialists, who have already established a base in the US, have diminished our federal Constitution and want to continue to do so through inferior socialist legislation and the election of more socialist insurgents within our government.  This is a veiled attempt at harnessing the power that the Occupy movement represents for soviet socialism.

The power of the movement since its inception has been the fact that we are leaderless. It is indeed a freedom liberation army, consisting of millions of individuals. It is so easy to corrupt a power base.  Look at the Democrat and Republican Parties.  We have broken free of the false left-right paradigm and every attempt to bring us back in is being made by both the soviet socialists and the neo-con national socialists.

I, as an individual freeman citizen of the united States of the Americas and a member of the 99%, tell you all, the socialists in Portland, Oregon not only do not represent me but are in fact my enemies as they represent nothing more than another covert arm of the soviet socialists insurgency.

When the movement was just getting off the ground, I warned the American people of the American race that the soviet socialists would try to hijack our movement of individual freedom and con us into becoming front line shock troops for the soviet socialist unions in an attempt to reestablish their waning power.

We must disavow ourselves from the socialists completely and let them know that we are free individual citizens of the Republic and will never become a part of any communist collective.

The Republicans in Iowa are now saying the Tea Party is trying to take over the Republican Party because they are going to nominate Dr. Ron Paul for president.  Now wait a minute.  Weren’t these very same neo-cons claiming the Tea Party as their own at the same time we in the grassroots were saying, no, by God, we are the grassroots Tea Party, which is in reality the grassroots of the Ron Paul Revolution?

You see the neo-cons’ lies are catching up with them and their fraudulent attempt to claim the power of the grassroots Tea Party as their own, has become self evident.  The grassroots Tea Party never had a thing to do with the neo-cons, just like the grassroots Occupy movement has nothing to do with the soviet socialist insurgency and its leader Barack Obama.  I tell you I know this as a fact because I have been and am both.

I have a message for the soviet socialists in Portland.  You will fail in your hijacking just like the neo-cons did.  And when we the American people of the American race reinstitute our Republic under our Constitution, you are going to get your chance to live your dream of soviet socialism when the deportation barge you are on lands on the coast of Siberia.

American people of the American race, our enemies, neo-con national socialists and soviet socialists alike, are the few and we are the many.  Read our Constitution, know who you are, and fight viciously for our Republic.  And when the fight is won we will rid ourselves of these parasites once and for all and our progeny will go forth with freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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