Great escape: From liberalism to conservatism

One News Now –  by Steve Jordahl

Wanting a better life for his family than that offered under California’s social and economic policies, a naval reserve officer and father of four moved them to Texas – and he’s offering to help his fellow conservatives who find themselves trapped in a similar onslaught of liberalism.

In Venezuela, protesters are violently clashing with police after what most observers say were “sham” elections giving President Nicholas Maduro almost unlimited power as the socialist country crumbles around him. Paul Chabot of Conservative Move argues that what’s happening in that South American country is the result of an out-of-control government and a widening gulf between the rich and the poor – exactly what he sees happening in California.  

“What we’re seeing [there] is massive poverty happening throughout the bulk of the population in the inland portion of the state,” he tells OneNewsNow. “We now have the highest welfare population in the country, highest poverty rate that continues to grow – so Venezuela’s situation is absolutely on the horizon.”

In fact, he says, it’s closer than most people want to admit. “You have tent cities up throughout many parts of the region, poverty is high, crime is out of control, good-paying jobs are hard to find, schools are near the bottom percentile,” he lists.

Chabot blames liberal efforts like AB109, Prop. 47, Prop. 57 – all meant to turn some felonies into misdemeanors and felons into parolees. Then there’s the effort by lawmakers to turn California into a sanctuary state.

“We just read online that they gave a million drivers licenses to illegal aliens in California,” he observes. “That floors me because we already have so much congestion on our roads, on our freeways, in our hospitals, in our schools – but yet the Americans are becoming like second-class citizens.”

For those reasons and more, Chabot and his family left the Golden State and moved to Collin County, Texas – and it’s like a 180-degree turn, he says.

“It’s like going back in time 30 or 40 years,” he states. “Our schools out here are having a 98.2-percent graduation rate. You don’t see the gangs, the drugs, the graffiti. You really sense family out here.”

His only regret? “Not doing it sooner,” he says on the website.

Chabot has started a business to help others follow in his footsteps. “Not only do we help them sell their homes in liberal areas, [help them] buy a home in a conservative area, and also help them find employment, [but] we want people to talk about what makes up a great community,” he shares.

For the time being, his group focuses its efforts on the North Texas region, but plans to expand operations to other areas of the country.

6 thoughts on “Great escape: From liberalism to conservatism

  1. Thanks, Mary. The article is a good reflection of folks trying to save themselves. Maybe more will follow suit.

    Now, totally off topic, but I need to give you long-overdue thanks for the copy of “The Anti-Federalist Papers” which I won a few drawings back. At that time I didn’t know Trenchers donated the items offered. Now I understand. So better late than never: Thank you so very much!! The book is quite a journey and I am learning much.

    Much Appreciation,


  2. We all love to hate leftist policies, such as unrestricted immigration, the policing of “hate speech,” and all the transgender insanity. But many mainstream “conservative” policies and attitudes are also ruinous to society.

    “Conservatives” are more likely to have a statist mentality, obsequiously supporting the police and fawning over the standing army that threatens their freedom. They’re also more likely to be in favor of drug prohibition and the “War on Terror,” with all the dangerously unconstitutional policies these entail.

    Most conservatives sneer at “hate speech” codes, but this is hypocritical; conservatives are often just as opposed to the First Amendment as college campus “snowflakes.” The two sides merely have different sacred cows. In most cases conservatives desire to ban “desecration” of their cloth idol (the US flag), “stolen valor,” or other perceived offenses to their quasi-religious worship of the state and its military.

    Even when it comes to gun rights — one realm where most conservatives are arguably head and shoulders above leftists — conservatives tend to remain clueless. Most conservatives are merely pro-gun from a hobbyist perspective and/or with a narrow mentality focused on defense against common criminals. Few actually believe in the real purpose of the Second Amendment as a check on tyranny, nor would many ever have the courage to use it for that purpose.

    Don’t get me wrong: life in a typical “red state” is undoubtedly superior to life in a place like CA or NJ. But when it comes to the downfall of America, the Fox-News-addicted “red team” still has a whole lot to answer for.

    1. Absolutely right BMF! I cannot stand those so-called conservatives who defend the piggies beating and killing innocent people. To me, right wing “conservatives” are just as bad as the libtards.

  3. The title of the article is to catch the reader’s eye since so many are entrained to the right/left paradigm. The story however is about American nationals being pushed off the land due to what is becoming intolerable conditions. Move the people to the interior part of the country. This is part of the Agenda 21 plan now often being called Agenda 2030.

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