Greta: What Congress just did ‘will make you want to throw up’

greta van susterenBizPac Review – by Tom Tillison

When the actions of the federal government succeed in riling up the normally stoic Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, you can be sure that something sinister is afoot.

And she is so ticked by the current reign of lawlessness she could just vomit!  

As elected officials slipped out of town for a 5-week recess, we learned a deal was struck to exempt Congress from new higher premiums associated with ObamaCare. A move designed to avert the provision in the law which said members of Congress and their aides must be covered by plans “created” by the law or “offered through an exchange.”

The Office of Personnel Management, under heavy pressure from Capitol Hill, determined that the health care premiums of members of Congress and their aides can be subsidized by taxpayers, according to Politico.

As noted by Mediaite, Van Susteran responded in a blog post titled with all capital letters “THIS WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO THROW UP,” in which she railed against the “appalling” exemption, repeatedly expressing her “disgust” with elected officials.

“It is indecent….just WRONG,” she wrote. “So let me get this straight….they push OBAMACARE on EVERY OTHER AMERICAN except themselves. Really? Unbelievable, isn’t it?”

Van Susteran zeroed in on how the exemption was rushed before the August recess, but Congress failed to address the expiring resolution that prevents government shutdown in 60 days, as reported by Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell.

“So…let me get this straight….what matters to YOU and is their job to handle can wait until their 5 week vacation is over, Van Susteran stated. “What matters to them, gets done NOW, before their 5 week vacation.”

“I really don’t know how Members of Congress can sleep at night when they pull these stunts on the rest of America,” she concluded. “I don’t know who voted how, but I want to know who voted FOR this. At the very minimum, this selfish vote should have been put at the back of the line.”

8 thoughts on “Greta: What Congress just did ‘will make you want to throw up’

  1. Remember, Congress has been acting in name only since 1933 when FDR dissolved it & instilled a Stalin form of communism/socialism….Congress has no power & will never rock the boat of the Federal Reserve/European Central Bank controlled by the Globalists…….You’d better step up the pace folks they just added more grease to the Freedom/Liberty pole……Continue to fight for Freedom, Liberty, Truth & Justice

    1. I agree. If it isn’t good enough for Congress(and critters), then it isn’t good enough for the populace. The IRS has been assigned to implement Obummacare, and, they don’t even want it!!!! What does that tell you?

  2. I opted out years ago by NOT PAYING TAXES.

    So go vote everything right and when that doesnt work come give me some cover fire. I will be the bush that keeps moving.

    So tired of listening to numb nutted posers act as if “all of a sudden amerika is going down the wrong path” go kill your selfs. Amerika is dead! It has been dead for years. Its called a death rattle, and it has you tricked greta. If that is your real name?

  3. The Democraps and Repugs are both compromised. They are also on the same team. They are anti-freedom. You have no choice. Millions of Americans are tired of war, believe that taxes are too high, and believe a Police State is being built. These millions have no voice. The media and governments actually says these people are potential terrorists because they can see the criminality of the government.

  4. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to get out of Obamacare, I haven’t seen a doctor since I got out of the service, and yet, I LIVE IN CHRONIC PAIN AND I DO NOT WANT OBAMACARE.

    1. it’s bound to the IRS (see #2)
    2. Abolish the IRS and income tax
    3. It’s bound to the NCIC database and by proxy all the spy databases
    4. All databases 100% WILL be exploited (only a matter of when and by whom) along with all electronics and physics. It matters not if the exploit is by thief or oath breaker, the fact is not even GOD can secure this data against these scumbags.
    5. Obamacare psychiatrists exploit the DSM-5 (a false science) politically and for gun control.
    6. More debt to fund this unconstitutional nightmare
    7. Actual healthcare COSTS were never a focus. e.g. the $500 aspirin & the $1000 bandage

    (Ticker-Guy explains it better than I)

    Need Heart Surgery? $1,583 — or $106,385?

    Why The “Health System” Must Be DESTROYED

    8. Insurance isn’t healthcare, it’s a PARASITE in everything it touches. From your home getting washed away to the dentist. – My opinion.

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