Grocery Shopping In The New America

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Giant Food supermarkets have begun labeling products on their shelves as “Black-owned,” “Hispanic-owned,” “LGBT-owned” and so on.

Giant made the announcement late last year.

From Supermarket News:

Giant Food is rolling out updated shelf labels that enable shoppers to identify products from minority-owned businesses.

Plans call for all Giant supermarkets to post the new shelf labels starting in January, the Landover, Md.-based regional grocer said yesterday. The labels will inform customers about items from companies that are women-, Black-, Asian-Indian-, Hispanic-, LGBT-, Asian-Pacific- or veteran-owned.

More than 3,100 food and nonfood products will feature the updated shelf labels across Giant’s 164 stores in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. The retailer said the items come from 281 minority-owned businesses in its network of vendor partners.

[…] “Giant Food is proud to better highlight our diverse suppliers,” Giant President Ira Kress said in a statement. “We’re committed to making it easier for customers to identify product attributes that are important to them by fostering a diverse and inclusive network of suppliers that reflects the unique backgrounds and experiences of our Giant family, our customers and our communities.”

Information Liberation

8 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping In The New America

  1. Ha ha ha best way to assure no thinking person buys your crap.

    How long before there is a nice little stasi tracking system (probably already installed) to see if you are buying these sick fks social engineering racist promotions.

    Disgusting, they are are going full commie on our asses

    And they know it is only a small matter of time before this shit jumps off

    These stores want to be burned to the ground I guess… you think BLM et al are the only ones who can cause mayhem and destruction…

    Go ahead corporate America keep this kind of shit up…! But be prepared to reap the responses of the real Americans soon enough.

    Guess they think they’ll be able to keep rebuilding their stores and businesses with some of that 2 Trillion…

    First saw this shit on Netflix with BLM produced entertainment

    Fkn disgusting, ya all should have left well enough alone, but we know it’s in your nature to be self destructive!

    So have at it I guess!

    1. That’s brilliant, Norm. I never considered that backfiring perspective. Yeah, it’s the old “Give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.” Not soon enough.



  2. i want my Aunt Jemima syrup back, pancakes dont taste the same anymore, who are the cocksuckers who get away with this shit anyway?

    Aunt Jemima syrup is a household tradition for christ sakes. I dont care if its the same syrup, no it isnt assholes..

    Bunch of fkg ass kissing busy bodies. Layoff for fk sakes.. Racist this, racist that, WTF HOLMES?

  3. great!
    now its easy for me to see who to boycott

    lol didnt think that through very well now didya?

  4. Now around my neck of the woods Hispanic products are everywhere especially for corn tortillas, enchilada sauce, etc. (and I can’t help it but I do love Mexican food!)… black owned? Not so much. And good luck getting gefilte fish and motzoh balls in this area! Bwahahahahahah! The grocery chain out here as far as I know is strictly locally owned, and I used to know the original owner who passed on a few years ago and sold the company.

    But yeah, I can see a huge boycott of these PoC owned labels in most of the US. And I do think the SJW left (not the old left which supported the white working classes) has really blown it this time, but they can’t help themselves after all, all that Soros-Gates-Bozo-F***erberg money….

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