Gross Photo of the Day — Be careful about wearing a mask!

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Infection as a result of mask wearing — Girl got staph and is critical condition from wearing a mask.

Examination of mask from commuters in Germany found 70% Staph…

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10 thoughts on “Gross Photo of the Day — Be careful about wearing a mask!

    1. You must have connected the dots between Russia/Fauci, GATES/UN/Soros/Trump? Gates wants this covid to go on and on…his vaxx no one knows for sure what is in it…it has killed one at Astra Seneca! He and Trump want 50% to80% depopulation and vaxx is the way Gates prefers to kill and has killed or maimed thousands…public better sit up and listen as Trump intends…said it again recently, to force everyone to take this vaxx of FEMA. So far we have a serious and most likely a death from a staph infection…people just will not listen..there is not a mask around that prevents the “waste product/CO2” from going back into the body everytime they inhale…then the hospitals/doctors are diagnosing it and there is no covid…they have a runny nose or a headache and it is covid…why…they get from $15000 to $40000 for each diagnosis…test kits are contaminated; nose swabs are also..happened right here is a town of about 2300 people and one of the local young people…

  1. Yep and just about every governor has implemented a mandate for such; if you break it, in CO, you are fined; others put you in jail…what are our people to do when they do what is right. The mask is spreading this virus kid you naught and in more than one way! I heard, today, that over 20% of Denver’s business buildings are setting empty! Polis is a dictator, much like Newsome and Inslee; so the people try to get these governors out and the Secretary of State nor their AG will help them..again, what are the people to do?
    When this nonsense first started, in NYC, a woman is now charged with vehicular homicide because she became disoriented from the mask and ran down/the person later died on the streets of NY.
    I do feel in Biden gets in, we will see a war start within a short period of time and that means even if they depose him, Harris will take over…she is so near a Communist it is not funny and a liar…even her own father tells us, “Don’t vote for my daughter.”

  2. It is against my constitutional rights to wear a mask forced on me by our government or forced on me by our government to close down my business or forced on me by our government to vaccine me. When are you Sheeple gonna wake up. This is the New World order they want to control your life they wanna tell you what to do and they want you to obey.
    Burn the masks. Sweden didn’t have no problem without wearing masks or shutting down someone’s businesses. Remember it’s the pharmaceuticals who want to make billions of dollars by scaring you to death and forcing you to wear masks and get a vaccine. Wake up Sheeple

  3. This is what happens to people who believe psycopaths. She didn’t have to wear it and end up like this. In this life one just has to know that NO other person can dictate ANYTHING to you, ESPECIALLY A GANG OF CRIMINALS posing at govt., period.

  4. Also, this crud that’s happening and been happening for MANY yrs. in this country is due to the people’s FAILURE to STOP it. We’ve allowed, by NOT stopping them, this total corruption, and this woman allowed herself, by following the advice of a bunch of weirdos, posing as doctors & health know it alls, to get infected. Just say NO to anyone trying to tell you what you should do.

  5. I am fed-up with the all encompassing “safe” horse$hit!!
    I will take care of me, you concern yourself with you. You can be aware and care, but leave me out of your Oversight-For-Safety routine.
    The seatbelts started it, the helmet laws emulsified it, the safety packaging/press-down-to-open crap cemented it, and now our well being is monitored for profit. Where/when is this thinking going to be stopped? It is Communism at heart by taking a good idea and twisting it into a control mechanism for the greater good.
    I want to be reckless but I’m too old and it takes much longer to recover. 😉

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