19 thoughts on “Group dressed as Hasidic Jews peddles anti-Semitic fliers in Boulder

  1. I wanted to warn trenchers about this guy Handsome Truth being a dirty low down cointel agent but I figured he’d show his hand sooner or later. I wouldn’t be surprised if his cointel crew was involved in hacking this site.

    1. You and Antifa would get along great then.
      He just interviewed Wardo, and gave a good word about Henry. I’ve seen your Bitchute vid on him, because I check all the GDL obsessives, and it doesn’t prove much.
      So, warn us, show why these people are shills. I’m not in the GDL, I don’t join groups.

      Did you know that Colorado Antifa doxxed HT’s friends Vinny and Brianna, who protested at Mile High against pedos? A queer Antifa who works at a Denver paper put all their personal info on Twitter. That’s likely the same connection to this video.
      This past weekend Antifa attacked HT, Vinny, his wife and others when they got out of their car. Vinny got stitches on both elbows after the queer fat Antifa pig tried to choke him out. And that same day, Antifa was tracking them on the road and posting their locations real time on their Twitter. That’s why I sent the YouTube “Attacked by domestic terrorists” to FTTWR, because that’s fuc&ed up, these commies gang stalking good people.Then they got attacked and hit numerous times by Antifa coming from nowhere.
      Actually, my thoughts on this site being hacked go to my asking FTTWR to post this video, which they did this weekend.
      And the next day FTTWR was hacked?
      Are you sure you aren’t with Antifa?
      Bring an argument, because I see the idea that people like HT are antagonists, but it sounds like you’re on your knees for ADL. Why the F would HT or any GDL hack this site? It makes more sense that someone blaming him might be the pot calling the kettle black, the jew screaming as he hits you.
      They pass out fliers and are at least trying something, and I judge most GDL personalities as good hearted people. It’s likely this same Antifa cointel group did the bomb hoax Monday, to tie peaceful activists to bombs, just to make THIS video. Please don’t tie GDL as cointelpro, to this bomb bulls%it.
      Why is it that you share the same level of disdain for these people trying to spread truth as the communist Antifa? Could you explain that? By making these accusations against HT, and anyone out there with BALLS, you’re essentially giving credence to ADL false argument.
      If you make a good argument, I’ll listen. Otherwise, the truth? OK, I have already felt maybe you are up to no good, and maybe that’s why this site got hacked.
      Which zombies are you all planning to annihilate?

    2. Why would this Handsome Truth have any reason to want to hack the Trenches?
      I can see why Antifa would, but why are you attacking the people telling the truth about the Jews, who are the misery of this world?
      In our investigation into the hack, we have found out that back in 2017 our access logs had been disabled at the server. Now we didn’t disable those logs, we don’t even know how to disable those logs, but those logs could have ID’d the hacker, so now we have our server working on finding out who disabled those logs.
      I checked out both of the videos, and though I do not know this Handsome Truth, it is quite evident that the communist Antifa hate his guts. He also mentioned in the video that he is not a part of the Red Dunce Cap Crowd like the Proud Boys and is just trying to put out the truth about the Jews and what they have done and what they are doing to our country.
      Please explain where you see otherwise.

      1. Okay sure I apologize for jumping to conclusions about the site issues you have been having. I’ve had my computer hacked in the past as well. My emotions got the best of me with that comment. I loathe antifa so I don’t know why Bob M is suggesting such. I have zero interest in doxing people but simply want to warn people of questionable characters. I don’t know why questioning motives of HT would make me either ADL or Antifa, but then again I’m on here to have a discussion and not to engage in ad hominem attacks. First all of Handsome Truth has an imdb page which means he is an actor, (real name jon minadeo) so that should already raise questions about his intentions. He is also a rapper with the name Shoobie Da Wop with lovely album titles like “american man whore” and is connected to people in the jewish controlled music industry. He is also a 2016 bernie supporter. Does he really care about naming the jew and bringing back american sovereignty or simply sabotaging people naming the jew and subverting our cause? Why was he in Boulder, Colorado, on a self proclaimed “name the nose tour,” two days before the alleged incident at Pueblo, Colorado synagogue story broke on MSM when his background is out of California. That is way too much of a cohencidence to me. That is one of the main questions that I am posing. What are his true motives? From what I can tell they are using this guy to sabotage our movement by trying to creating a false narrative to justify further violations of our right to free speech and protest especially in relation to jewry or valid criticism of Israel. Listen to what the anchor said at the end. Problem. reaction, solution. I think he is promoting FTTWR and wardo rants so he can later sabotage henry or wardo, while also likely trying to dox people in the process. Someone posted a video of him in boulder on this site and then you have the incident of a planned synagogue bomb plot in pueblo. By connecting trenchers with someone like him it seems they are trying to use it as a sort of guilt by association type of deal. I’m just trying to do my duty as a concerned american to give fair warning and bring awareness to this strange and disturbing chain of events going on lately. In my informed opinion this guy is a textbook agent saboteur. I want the truth out there but if people are going to engage in tactics that are clearly disadvantages to the grassroots patriot movement I will not support it.
        “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”- Vladimir Lenin

        1. interesting….thank you
          when I get some time I am going to look into this guy but I have to say other than Henry and Eddie I don’t listen to much else

          1. people have a right to come to their own conclusions, but people need to understand that our enemy is really taking the gloves off whether we want to realize it or not. It’s hard to know who to trust sometimes. All I know is that you have to always be vigilant and keep your head on straight. Things are getting rough out here.

          2. We have no delusions here and we have taken our own gloves off. We have gone beyond vigilance. We know where we stand, and once you have dedicated yourself to the superior law of this land, it matters not how the unlawful enemy comes at you, you fight. And we too will be getting rough out here, as our cause is righteous and the freedom and liberty of our progeny is dependent upon the measure of our patriotism and the willingness of our sacrifice.
            Never forget we are the largest armed force on this planet, lacking only clear communication as to the simplicity of the core meaning of the fight: The 14th Amendment and slavery or the Bill of Rights and freedom. In reality it is already rough out here for those calling our people together.

        2. Ad hominem attack? This is a very thought out subject matter statement that doesn’t tell me a whole lot.
          Your response is addressed to me but atourns in the direction of Bob M, while offering not one shred of viable evidence that this HT fella I don’t even know, and or his cohorts hacked the Trenches for putting up a video that would enhance the agenda he claims he is a part of.
          What is your idea here, that we should be careful what videos we put up?
          As I told the person who sent this video, we put videos up from all angles to discuss them and ascertain the truth.
          In your original comment you presented the ad hominem position that this person and or his group are agents against this truth site.
          It is no problem for anyone of average intelligence to prove unquestionably that an unlawful corporation controlled by the Zionist jews has removed the Constitution for the united States of the Americas and replaced it with an unlawful corporate charter. It is easily proven that Israeli foreign agents have infiltrated key seats of power, taking control of that unlawful corporation, and working tirelessly to destroy the American nationals and our country.
          We say this every day because it is the truth.
          Most of us here do not hide behind pseudonyms, we make no secret of where we live. We simply state that any mother f-ker, including Antifa, wants to come f-king with us, they will be eating some lead.
          How do you see this uprising setting on the edge of explosion progressing? You know you have to have physical contact to fight a war, that means violence and the violence is absolutely necessary, as our peaceful means for redress of grievance, the common law courts, has been unlawfully removed by the Zionist controlled corporate elitist monarchy.
          There is only one way out of this and any and every thinking person knows this to be true, the 2nd Article to our Bill of Rights and our absolute right to enforce our absolute law verify this position.
          I don’t care about the psy-ops. If you try to associate From the Trenches with hating and wanting to destroy the Zionist criminals who have usurped and are in violation of our law and our authority, you don’t need this video to do it. We are open in our intent, as our cause is righteous under the supreme ratified law of this land.
          So I still see no reason, which was the question in my comment for this person or this group to hack our site. Did they start clear back in 2017 with the removal of our access log entries? And just why would they need to sabotage us when these Zionist scumbag jews can just remove us by buying up all of the data transfer systems with our stolen money and simply ban us from the internet that they have stolen from our people and turned over to the communist Chinese?
          We will continue to put up whatever videos we please, and again, your ad hominem attack did not come from me, though I will say in my opinion this comment was written with terms of legalese in it in an attempt to establish a fact that is nothing more than open subject matter allegations.
          And again I ask, what physical proof do you have that this HT and company perpetrated the hacking of From the Trenches?

          1. Because he has given malware links to people, but then again I’m not aware of the issues the site is having. I apologized for jumping to conclusions though. I would take back that comment if I could. I do find some of these recent trends in relation to HT disturbing, and am simply raising my concerns over it. I am in no way trying to infringe on your right to free speech especially on your own site. If anything I am just trying to look out for the people here.

          2. Not to seem like the inquisitor, but given what malware links to whom?
            And do not apologize for jumping to conclusions, just label them as such so we can separate them from matter of fact.
            If HT is involved with those you have indicated it is certainly of interest and would put his motives in question.
            But again, why hack a site that if you are correct would be serving your purpose, this is the part I do not understand.

          3. I have seen him engage in such behaviors on youtube for those who are critical of him. I would be willing to send you what info I have on the guy. One guy I know who was exposing him, John Kelleher, got his channel deleted so maybe they are trying to scrub his background. Otherwise I would go to his channel to give supporting evidence to back up my claim. Do I believe he is legit? Hell no. They are using people like him to destroy our cause.

          4. How is he going to destroy the American nationals of the American race for the united States of the Americas, enforcing written ratified law, hence the Bill of Rights, the jurisdiction thereof, which is born into each and every one of us?
            Please elaborate.

    3. “the demonstration was peaceful no laws were broken and no police report was filed but as you just heard many people believe this latest display was unforgivable” Hegelian dialectic to push hate speech policies. That’s what I’m saying. Cui bono? I’m just pointing out where they are taking this I still believe the bill of rights is the supreme ratified law of the land. Would it be a stretch to suggest this person is possibly working in cahoots with MSM to push an agenda? Zion wants that bill of rights out of the picture and will use their agents to further such an agenda. I’m also getting some duping delight from this scott levin guy from the ADL when I watch this. I’m wouldn’t be surprised if he knows the full story to all of this.

      1. Irrelevant. Of course the jews and the judeo-christians intend to remove the Bill of Rights, and the Bill of Rights is the supreme ratified law of the land, as recorded in the Library of Congress, and of course all our enemies are going to work in cahoots and we are going to have to physically and violently enforce our law and jurisdiction, come what may. They will continue to push their agenda until the country explodes into open rebellion to enforce the law, and nothing can change that.

        1. I agree completely. I really do appreciate all the hard work that you do Henry. The road is hard and long but I believe we will prevail.

  2. “Hate is wrong in Colorado.”

    This coming from THE foremost purveyors of hate on the entire planet.


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