Grow Your Own – A Mushroom Hunting Adventure!

Published on Jan 1, 2014 by Joe from the Carolinas

This video documents the harvest process of approximately 17 pounds of delicious, edible, Oyster Mushrooms in the Carolinas between Nov 2013 through Dec 2013 .

The majority of mushrooms themselves were “planted” using inoculated plug spawn as well as wild mushrooms approximately 1-2 years ago.

Some listeners of my weekly radio program, “Grow Your Own- The Budding Revolution!” requested some visuals. So here is a fun & educational mushroom hunting adventure video. Please enjoy! =)

–Joe from the Carolinas

The song is by Stonewall Jackson.

3 thoughts on “Grow Your Own – A Mushroom Hunting Adventure!

  1. Excellent Post, thanks. That will be one for my favorites list. I will listen to ya Joe when I can. Keep up the excellent work Joe. 🙂

    1. Yes joe from the carolinas, I think things like this are great. infact a few years ago I wanted to grow shitaki – spelling again perhaps 🙂 – and reishi mushrooms to sell to the local stores and health food stores, but it never fell through. Partly why I have been posting the ” Cordite Country” articles. lately. I realy think these type of articles are very important. Yes, Thanks again joe from the carolinas. 😉

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