Grow Your Own: Sword Belt Mushrooms

Published on May 2, 2014 by Joe from the Carolinas

Grow Your Own: Sword Belt Mushrooms!

Agrocybe aegerita.

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6 thoughts on “Grow Your Own: Sword Belt Mushrooms

  1. Execelent Admin. Absolutley . Good info. never heard of these Sword belt mushrooms though thatI remember. Bet I have though and I just cannot remember though HE HE HE love ya`all 😉

  2. grown mushrooms since 08
    thats not spores in the bottom like he said. Its colonized mycelium. Spores are black dots that come from the opened caps(if you can see one its really a million stuck together) and take a few weeks longer to grow from as well as different ph, temp, light and humidity settings.
    I like using the shoe box sized rubbermade totes in a larger rubbermaid tub under a north facing window.


  3. Thanks Joe!! That was a great mushroom video!! Thanks for the link to our website!! Steve was mowing the back 4 acres on our property, well on the back levee there was huge bushes of blackberries growing!!!! So we spent all day today picking blackberries!! Going back next weekend to harvest more!! They are delicious and FREE! That is permaculture!!!

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