Gun ban advocates must decide if they’re willing–and able–to kill 50,000,000+

You're going to need a bigger army of jackbooted thugsExaminer – by Kurt Hofmann

A new WorldNetDaily/Wenzel poll finds that only 20 percent of American gun owners would surrender their firearms if ordered to by the government (although an additional 16 percent claimed to be “unsure”–probably not the sort who would be determined enough to face the consequences of defying such an order). From WorldNetDaily:  

The scientific telephone survey was conducted March 7-12 and has a margin of error of 2.92 percentage points.

“Among gun owners, 64 percent said they would not relinquish their guns, while 20 percent said they would and another 16 percent of gun owners were unsure on the question,” he said.

In some respects, additional details of the poll carry few surprises. Those who identify themselves as “conservative” are far less likely to surrender their guns than those who call themselves “liberal,” Republicans are less likely to submit to disarmament than Democrats, men less likely than women, whites less so than other ethnic groups, and southerners are less likely than inhabitants of other regions.

But if we step back away from the minutiae of the demographic breakdown, we have somewhere between 64 and 80 percent who will not comply with any confiscatory gun bans. And make no mistake, the specter of confiscatory bans is not “paranoid, right-wing delusion,” as can be seen be seen in the obscenely misnamed “SAFE Act,” in New York, an active program of confiscation of registered firearms in California, and proposals for similar abominations at the federal level:

From Senator Feinstein’s early plans for her “assault weapon” ban, (and remember, that’s “just the beginning”), to the Obama administration’s own National Institute of Justice declaring that “assault weapon” and “high capacity” magazine bans cannot accomplish anything without confiscation, to Rep. Eliot Engel’s (D-NY) perennial confiscatory ban of “armor piercing” handguns, the gun prohibitionist lobby very clearly considers confiscation to be a realistic goal, and not just an abstract fantasy for the distant future.

What this poll shows, though, is that aspiring gun banners need to do some math homework. 64 to 80 percent of an estimated 80 million gun owners (a common, if tough to verify, estimate) works out to 51 to 64 million freedom loving, angry–and armed–Americans who intend to stayarmed. Taking the math a bit further, that’s about 102 to 128 million hands that are not cold and dead, and will be holding guns until they are.

The WND article quotes Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA):

Meanwhile, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who has sponsored a bill that would ban certain types of weapons, said in Congress last week, “We cannot allow the carnage … to continue.”

She has never seen wholesale “carnage,” but if she really wants a good look, an attempt to disarm the American citizenry would get her a ringside seat for a level of carnage America hasn’t seen since the 1860s–except that there are no ringside seats for aspiring tyrants. She will be in the ring.

Who is going to disarm us? Who is going to kill us, in order to make that possible? Here’s something to think about before you answer. There are not enough jackbooted thugs to make it happen. There are not even enough grave diggers to bury the JBTs who might try. We wereready to rumble as three percent of America’s gun owners. At 20 or more times that, there won’t be enough targets to go around.

Your move, statists. Molon Labe.

9 thoughts on “Gun ban advocates must decide if they’re willing–and able–to kill 50,000,000+

  1. I am and have been for many years, proud of my Texas heritage. My kin have had guns since long before the Civil War. The moniker I sport springs from the Texas-Mexican conflict that made my home an independent republic. The Mexicans decided they didn’t want to wade the Guadalupe River to take our howitzer. I wonder if the graboids will decide to use the same good common sense.

    My family has fought in every conflict the US has entered from that time to this. I’d hate to think my days will end fighting for the same rights we already won in the fight with the banksters in 1776, but that’s probably the way it will turn out. No doubt the current thugs will try the same tactics they did back then. Mercenaries are much more expendable than the sons and daughters of the pompous elite. Money is easier to print and public lands are easier to give away than the blood of your children.

    The thugs will find a way to have others fight their war of confiscation. They haven’t the cojones to fight for anything themselves. A proxy war using UN troops is just what the banksters ordered. Watch for what happens when the UN gets Obama to sign the Small Arms Treaty. He’ll politely ask them for the resources to send against liberty loving men and women just like Uncle George did in 1776. I suspect the outcome will be much the same.

    To all the mercenaries bought and paid for by our government and others: we will all end up dead! No one escapes this life alive. Meanwhile, who do you serve? What is your price? What’s going on with your family, while you are trying to “come-and-take-it”? Blessings…

    1. Please, please, share where these UN troops are garrisoned and from what countries they come!

      Imagine you were sent to a foreign country (say, oh, Switzerland, for example) and compelled to go armed-house-to-armed-house taking firearms by force from each Swiss by busting into his house. Walk in the park, right?

      Would you volunteer for such a role? Would anyone?

    1. The right way to get the Blue Helmets is to find their bases in the US, if they exist, and get jobs on the outsourced cleaning staff, in the messhalls, the supply chain, etc.

      Then, when the time comes, use your imagination!

      Each of them does laundry, goes to the doctor and dentist, has a bank account, uses the internet, buys music from iTunes, and receives mail from family back home. Guaranteed!

      Fighting them when they turn up at your house, after all your neighbors have fled seems like too late to me!

  2. The first to go shall be the bankers, “law makers”, their wives/ husbands AND children, should this begin to pass. If they want “TOTAL WAR”: let’s give it to them. I gave my oath to protect the Constitution from ALL ENEMIES

    1. Unfortunately, like the rats that they are, they have underground cities they plan on hiding out in, being of a cowardly nature, once the SHTF.

      They won’t waste any time bolting for their holes, once things start to get ugly.

      Like cockroaches scattering when the lights come on.

      1. Wonder what would happen if the good guys found all the roads leading to all the holes, or the locations of the holes themselves, and…

        That’s how I deal with cockroaches. Line their roads with
        “diatomaceous earth”.

        They may get in those hidey-holes, but not sure how they expect to get back out again.

        Those underground holes were all built, and outfitted by ordinary tradesmen you might meet at 7-11. All it would take is political convincing to wake them up and get them to swop sides.

        1. They’ll “swop sides” more quickly than the fence sitters once they realize they have helped the enemies that have no further use for their skills and have proven that their well being NEVER WAS, or is, of no concern.
          We’ll have enough intel to know where all of the “fradie holes” are: poke their eyes out (cameras and sensors), seal them shut, cut off the air supply and dump gravel (small stuff to jam HVAC machinery) plus human and animal waste down the air intake. They won’t be coming out. The hired guns won’t want to come out if they don’t know whats on the other side of the door, their morale will rapidly dissipate after the initial adrenalin rush is gone and they’re waiting for an “all clear” that should never be made a reality on our side of the door.
          Like the Iraqi resistance fighters; we should become like ghosts and fight them where and when WE CHOOSE. They beat one of the strongest military gangs on the planet with patience and resolve. Our enemies have neither. They are used to the “quick fix” for “instant gratification” that we became placated, and dangerously complacent by. That’s what got us into this Nazi Zionist stink hole. If we, as a nation, refused to support the “jewish state” : we would not be having this conversation !
          There are hard times coming; foreclosure and repossession are NOT “HARD TIMES”. They are just statements of absolute power. Hunger and thirst will be the leading cause of death and disability. BE PREPARED.

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