Gun Control Lobby Group To Spend Millions In Minnesota

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On the heels of several area lawmakers asking a local county to be designated a sanctuary for the Second Amendment, a gun control lobby group says they will be spending millions of dollars in Minnesota and several other states this coming election cycle.

The group, Everytown for Gun Safety, says they have $60 million dollars to spend, which is double what the National Rifle Association spent in 2016.

Everytown is co-founded by 2020 democratic presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg, who is also the group’s largest donor.

Representative Shane Mekeland and five other lawmakers, as well as a House of Representative candidate all signed a letter that was sent to the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners. They were asking the board to designate the county as a Second Amendment sanctuary.

2 thoughts on “Gun Control Lobby Group To Spend Millions In Minnesota

  1. ‘they have $60 million dollars to spend’ …………just think what that could do to alleviate some of the homelessness here

  2. The idiots who threw $30 million at the traitors nra last year collectively could have acquired much necessary defensive provisions for defending the Second Article, instead they gave it to the enemy.

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