Gun & Gadgets Youtube Channel Provides Up To Date Info On Tyrannical Gun Prohibition For All States

Sons of Liberty – by Suzanne Hamner

Virginians, what is going on?  Your State general assembly has gone irreversibly insane!  If you aren’t keeping up with what is happening with these legislative bills for unconstitutional ex post facto gun/prohibition and gun confiscation, you need to tune in to the YouTube channel Guns & Gadgets.  This guy has made it his mission to gather every piece of information on every single State government and Congress regarding gun prohibition and gun confiscation in order to bring it to the public for action.

A new bill has been introduced, leaked by a follower on the Guns & Gadgets Facebook page, that the elite, tyrannical, authoritarian, dictatorial despots in the Virginia General Assembly, courtesy of Michael Bloomberg, are targeting the State’s Sheriffs and city police officers who have refused to enforce pretend law against the Second Amendment.

According to the bill, any law enforcement officer (Sheriff, deputy, officer in a city, town or municipality) who publicly states they will not follow or enforce any measure passed by the State Assembly will be subject to penalties.

This legislation gives the State Attorney General the power to investigate, indict and prosecute all matters of this provision.

Moreover, if found guilty (in politician terms everyone is guilty), law enforcement officers will forfeit their benefits appropriate to their station, which could mean pension for some.

At the discretion of the State Attorney General, guilty officers can take an oath to the Commonwealth of Virginia and receive remedial retraining to enforce unconstitutional laws.

Watch the entire video.

These anti-constitutionalists, violating their oath of office and the Constitution by enacting ex post facto laws, are now legislating punishment against law enforcement officers who are upholding their oath of office, standing on the Constitution by protecting the God-given individual unalienable right to keep and bear arms of the people, and engaging in peaceful civil disobedience against pseudo- ex post facto unconstitutional gun prohibition and gun confiscation laws.

It’s difficult to wrap one’s head around this total insanity;  however, quick recovery and action are urgently needed in Virginia.

This is not a joke.

The majority unconstitutional Democratic Virginia General Assembly defeated a bill that would provide law enforcement officers with a raise.

According to Guns & Gadgets, a post by Assemblyman Bill Stanley reported Assemblyman Dick Sasslaw indicated the bill was defeated because law enforcement officers refused to enforce their legislation on gun prohibition and gun confiscation.

Remember the boy-king Hussein Soetoro with his pen and phone unconstitutional, illegitimate, illegal usurpations of the Constitution to basically become a dictator?

Well, the Virginia General Assembly has followed in that glorious tradition but worse.  These nutballs have legislated a “right” as a crime.

And, if that isn’t bad enough for you, which it should be way past bad enough, an armed law-abiding Virginia citizen peacefully protested outside the home of Virginia Assemblyman Mark Levine to show his resistance to Levine’s support of tyrannical gun prohibition and gun confiscation laws.

Levine’s response to citizen Brandon Howard is typical of tyrants – call law enforcement to infringe upon the people and move to make what is a “right” into a crime.

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Moreover, Assemblyman Levine objected to an individual protesting outside his home with a firearm, yet this man has sponsored and supported laws that would allow militarized law enforcement officers to unconstitutionally engage in “legalized” theft of citizens’ property, firearms specifically, using the same type of firearms law enforcement are raiding the home to steal.

Political tyrants in Virginia are tripling down on their resolve to disarm residents of the State of Virginia.

are citizens going to do?

Information is key and this guy is taking his time to inform the citizens of the USA what is happening in each State regarding gun prohibition and gun confiscation legislation moving through the ranks of the tyrannical government machine to strip Americans of our God-given rights.

can’t say you weren’t warned about the exponential rise of tyranny.

The question is at what point are Americans going to act?

These tyrants think they “have our number”.

Do they?

Sons of Liberty


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