Gun owners line up outside stores across the U.S. and continue panic buying amid fears the new president will enforce harsher gun control

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Gun store owners across the country have reported a big increase in sales in the two weeks preceding Joe Biden‘s inauguration as Second Amendment lovers stock up amid fears the new administration will enact tougher gun-control legislation.

Firearm sellers in states such as California, Virginia, Tennessee, Montana and Florida have seen lines stretching out the doors of some stores with some buyers camping out from 2am to beat out the crowds before supplies run out.

Many sellers are reporting shortages of firearms and ammunition as manufacturers bump up prices to profit from the demand, and restrictions are placed on sales to prevent stocks from completely drying up.

While the rush for more guns first hit in March as the pandemic began, gun retailers say that the incoming Biden administration has caused even more people to begin panic buying.

Biden has promised to introduce a stiffer gun-control policy while Vice President Kamala Harris has a history of implementing tough-on-guns measures during her time as attorney general of California.

Last year was a record one for gun sales as the pandemic, as well as months of protests and unrest, saw more Americans than ever deciding to purchase a firearm.

According to Business Insider, the FBI said it processed a record 39.7 million firearm background checks in 2020, the most since it began recording data in 1998.

Yet the demand has only grown further in 2021, according to Fox 35, as stores across the country are selling out of ammunition, especially 9mm.

Biden and Democrats haven’t proposed scrapping the Second Amendment, people’s right to bear arms, even though that have proposed enacting some gun-control measures.

Still, some say they’re preparing in case new restrictions bite them: ‘I think we all believe Biden is going to take it away from us,’ Florida shopper David Godkin told the station.

He waited on line outside Academy Sports + Outdoors but was still not able to pick up everything he wanted.

‘I got two 9s, which is the handgun, then I got the 223, which is the rifle. A good day. Would have been a better day if I’d gotten all 9s,’ Godkin explained.

Ron Perkinson, owner of Volusia Top Gun in Lake Mary, Florida, said that his store had been a ‘zoo’ after the pro-Trump riot stormed on the U.S. Capitol attempting to overturn the election results on January 6.

Perkinson said sales had already been up 100 percent from this time last year as a result of the pandemic, but that sales have zoomed up another 100 percent in recent days – with 60 people often waiting outside for him to open up the store in the mornings.

‘When Trump had mentioned a peaceful transfer of power, whatever exactly it was he said, seems like it’s been even more crazy than the crazy it was,’ Perkinson said.

‘I could have done 300% more if I had the inventory. I’m turning away a lot of people just for lack of inventory.’

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4 thoughts on “Gun owners line up outside stores across the U.S. and continue panic buying amid fears the new president will enforce harsher gun control

  1. Exactly. This is not about, oh gee whiz, we need to go buy it now because they might ban it and then at least under the grandfather clauses we will some how get to keep ours.

    No fkn way dude, most of these are legit people getting what they can before it ain’t available, and I look at most of these Corporation Ammo/Arms manufacturers as Traitors anyhow, their motive is purely monetary….if it wasn’t they would know the times they are in, like most of us and they would go to rock bottom prices and ramp up production to the enth degree to fulfill the arming of the people at large.

    They are assisting with artificial scarcity increasing their profit lines. They will be remembered for their participation at these levels….

    The Ammo and arms here in the islands are practically Non-existent. The shops that have any ammo inventory are rationing and prices are at least 20-60%up.

    1. Yes, this. Most are mic contractors and have insider knowledge and willingly choose to do this to US.

      I won’t forget them because they haven’t forgotten US. Matter of fact, they’re going out of their way to exploit US for profit in the process.

      God forgives.

  2. I’m getting tired of these people and their war profiteering..

    I also enjoy, “Biden is going to take our guns from us”

    Is he really? Are you cowards just going to hand them over?

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