Gun Rights Hacktivists To Fab 3d-Printed Guns At State Capitol


Come And Take Texas (CATI) invites everyone concerned about gun rights to attend the event being held on January 13th at the Austin, Texas Capitol. From 8am-6pm attendees will be visiting all representatives to express their desire to have The Constitutional Carry Bill HB 195 passed. And staying true to being the front line for gun rights, CATI has purchased the Ghost Gunner machine and will be manufacturing firearms on location at the Capitol.  

Members of CATI plan to use the Ghost Gunner, made by Defense Distributed, to literally manufacture AR-15 lowers on site. Event details can be found at the CATI Facebook page.

Firearms that Can Be Downloaded and Reproduced by Anyone with a 3D Printer

Ghost GunnerDefense Distributed is an online, open-source organization that designs firearms that may be downloaded from the Internet and printed with a 3D printer. Among the organization’s goals is to develop and freely publish firearms-related design schematics that can be downloaded and reproduced by anyone with a 3D printer. In May 2013 Defense Distributed made public the 3D printable files (STL files) for the world’s first fully 3D printable gun.

Ghost Gunner is a miniature computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine designed to automatically manufacture publicly created designs with nearly zero user interaction. No prior CNC knowledge or experience is required to manufacture from design files. The machine includes gshield 3 axis motion hardware, a grbl g-code parser and motion controller, and an Arduino microcontroller.

All GhostGunner schematics and design files will be published into the public domain.Defense Distributed’s first design is the venerable AR-15 lower receiver. Ghost Gunner automatically finds and aligns your 80% lower receiver to the machine, with simple installation instructions, point and click software and all required tools.

“Just follow a few simple instructions to mount your 80% lower receiver, tighten a couple screws (with simple tools we provide), and on day one, Ghost Gunner can help you legally manufacture unserialized firearms in the comfort of your own home.”

As shipped, Ghost Gunner can manufacture any mil-spec 80% AR-15 lower receiver that already has the rear take down well milled out. Lowers with non-mil-spec trigger guards that are otherwise mil-spec are also compatible. Defense Distributed recommends using the 7075 Ares Armor Raw 80% Lower AR-15 Billet, available for purchase on the Ghost Gunner site.

Defense Distributed has been predominantly represented in public since July 2012 by Cody Wilson, who is described as a founder and spokesperson. Wilson is also a co-founder of Dark Wallet, a project that adds layers of privacy and anonymity to Bitcoin transactions. As his trajectory shows, Wilson is a staunch crypto-anarchist who wants to use emerging technologies such as 3D printing and Bitcoin to disrupt “the system.” He recently announced that he will run for a board seat on the Bitcoin Foundation for no other reason than to disband the organization from within.

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Legally, Defense Distributed is a pending 501(c)(3) status nonprofit corporation in the state of Texas. The specific purposes for which this corporation is organized are:

“To defend the human and civil right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and affirmed by the United States Supreme Court; to collaboratively produce, publish, and distribute to the public without charge information and knowledge related to the digital manufacture of arms.”

Images from CATI and Defense Distributed.


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