4 thoughts on “Gun Rights – Law Student Schools Cop

  1. If that guy wasn`t a law student he would have been railroaded on some trumped up charge. We all here – FTTWR – know what a cop can and cannot do but we don`t know the law like a law student.

    1. Hey DiggerDan,Laws easy Its not the convoluted gobbledee gook that scumbag lawyers talk,online you can find your states constitution and all state laws there is always a violation # that rarley means what you are charged with its mostly codes and statutes which are easy to dissect,always demand a jury trial(us constitution says FOR ALL MATTERS OVER $20 YOU ARE ENTITLED) to trial by jury & “assitance of counsel” not turn your ass over to a lawyer,demand a “fair and speedy trial” they have 120 days or you walk.Many times I have stood in their courts and cussed em like the mangy dogs they are when cautiond I reply F U if you dont like my words DONT INVITE ME HERE.In 94 I carried a young girl off my property,next thing I know cops show up with the old “domestic violence” BS I went to the magistrate court and said LISTEN UP ,THE NEXT LITTLE B%$#H THAT ACCUSES ME of hitting her IM GONNA KILL FLAT OUT STONE COLD DEAD KILL THEN YOU WILL HAVE A REASON TO BOTHER ME,the little prosecutor said ” you do have a pretty intimidating voice to whicn I said GROW SOME BALLS if my voice intimidates you too bad. Case was dismissed.These clowns are nothing more than empty suits nothing to fear once you know their game,as Ive sad before Im not the smartest guy so anyone that can chew gum and walk and read a little at the same time can prevail.

  2. We all need to know the law and how to handle illegal police actions.

    You don’t need to be a law student or lawyer to know the law.

    Knowledge is power!

  3. Shows one thing though; the cops really want to be the controllers. Maybe if instead of being schooled in police statism they could grow some intelligence and read the law.

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