Gun Rights Rally Held at RI State House

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On Thursday, hundreds of Second Amendment supporters gathered for a rally at the Rhode Island State House.

This week, the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee vote to ban 3-D “ghost” guns — untraceable 3-D printed guns, or guns that were bought in pieces, partially assembled and put together without a serial number. 

The Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition has been vocal in their opposition to several recently-filed pieces of legislation, including bills aimed at banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

The assault weapon bill would bar the sale and possession of assault weapons, with an exception for law enforcement and military personnel.

It would, however, allow current assault weapon owners who pass a background check to keep the weapons they currently possess.

The high-capacity magazine legislation would ban possession, manufacture, import, purchase, sale or transfer of any ammunition-feeding device capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.

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2 thoughts on “Gun Rights Rally Held at RI State House

  1. .
    Seems to me the nation is rapidly dividing into three camps:

    1) The Always Present Perpetually Clueless
    2) The Lukewarm Freedom Fighters
    3) Those Advancing The Bill of Rights

    Group 3 has been known to be particularly tenacious.



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