One thought on “Gunshots at Cannes Film Festival ,Panic as Audience run Away on Live TV

  1. So we see yet another media stunt.
    Of all places to do this they chose Cannes.
    If there were real terrorists in the world this would be the number one place to attack.
    But why do it this way? What’s wrong with using small torpedoes?
    Cannes is the showplace for the elite with their most prized possession – the luxury yacht.
    Clever terrorists will use remote controlled small torpedoes.
    This technology is very easy to research. I know because I worked at building real torpedoes for UK military. A “scaled-down” version of the technology is very easy to create.
    We will know that terrorism is real when people use small boats and RPG32s
    to sink luxury yachts at Cannes or use remote-controlled torpedoes.
    Until then terrorism is all bullshit.

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