Gurus Gone Mad, Market Gone Gzonkers

The Great Recession

By its close yesterday, the market provided exactly the example of the head slamming I said bulls were going to get in the article I was writing all day yesterday because the “Stock Market Bulls are Delusional in Face of Great Depression.” 

Monday’s stampede proved how utterly disconnected from reality the market’s bulls remain, and that means they’re going to get their heads pounded from ceiling to floor until they are rendered unconscious for their retardation.

Now that Tuesday is done, here is what ceiling-to-floor head-slamming looks like:


Look at the straight-up rocket ride that originated deep in an underground silo, shot for space, then veered sideways when it hit the stratosphere and spiraled to all the way down earth. These wild swings on the tiniest tidbits of news prove the meaninglessness of the bullish mind, exhibit clear disorientation, disorderliness of thought and delusional behavior. One writer summarized yesterday’s excursion like this:

The U.S. stock market is battling rollercoaster levels of volatility. Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) made a round-trip of almost 2,000 points – something it hasn’t done since the 2008 financial crisis…. When this last happened in October 2008, the stock market was still five months from its lowest trough. Instead, the recent bounce is likely just a ‘bear market rally’


Such huge swings are happening because the bulls’ wish to infinity and beyond is getting constantly hammered back down by reality:

The recent ‘relief rally’ is fading as the focus shifts to dire economic data and corporate earnings this month.

Which is exactly the reason I gave when I said the ceiling-to-floor hammering would happen in yesterday’s article:

Reality is going to win because it always does, and the longer you put off reconciling with it, the worse things become for you. Monday’s claims by the marketeers that we’re on a coronavirus upswing are not likely to prove out.

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