Guy Tells Nancy Pelosi “Prison Times Coming Soon” Right To Her Face

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An unidentified man caught House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi off-guard when he approached the California congresswoman with a warning: “Prison time is coming soon.”

“Nancy,” the man calls outs, as Pelosi is seen walking with her entourage.

The man extends his hand to Pelosi and she turns to face him, reciprocating the handshake.  

“Hi,” she says.

“Prison time is coming soon,” the man says as he positions his camera just inches from her face, “Be ready.”

Pelosi responds, “Hmm.”

She then begins to chuckle.

“Donald Trump. Not much time left. Bad news for you,” the man yelled, as she rejoined her group of aides.

Footage of the man’s encounter with Pelosi is featured on the Conservative Muricans YouTube channel.

The man did not explain why he believed that Pelosi will face prison time, but his warning comes as her party faces a number of scandals.

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6 thoughts on “Guy Tells Nancy Pelosi “Prison Times Coming Soon” Right To Her Face

  1. OMG. I can’t stand the drama.
    All this reminds me of the time Pinky Tuscedero was killed in that demolition derby.
    She never should have gotten out of the car!
    Fonzie was pretty upset.

  2. That bitch can barely walk without someone holding her hand and she’s the senator of California. That explains everything.

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