5 thoughts on “H.R.127 – To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.

  1. Wow… the commies aren’t wasting any time, are they?

    I don’t have to tell this crowd that this law should be broken by ALL firearms owners. Gun registration gives the enemy detailed data regarding where they can best deploy their troops. (they can’t confiscate a billion guns, but they can discover where they’ll meet their most resistance, and reinforce troops accordingly).

    1. … Gun registration gives the enemy detailed data …

      If anyone (Democrats comes to mind) is stupid enough to sell off their protections (weapons; ammo; etc.) – then buy it up. But keep it personal.
      No credit. No checks. No digital. No trace. No ID. CASH ONLY.
      Do it while you can.

      On a side note, buying weapons thru a dealer/store/etc. requires a form (4473), which is a type of registration.

  2. And Overt fascism begins with the fervent Staunch communist behind it.


    “The enforcers of tyranny MUST bare the brunt of the people’s resistance to it”

    So yeah get it a going, this all comes down to fear at so many levels.

    No fear, stand be brave and aim true..!

  3. Everyone in Texas knows Sheila Jackson is a crazy nutball and is friend of former attorney general Eric Holder and was put in place to infiltrate Texas with her Commie ways. She’s as nuts as Pelosi and plays the race card to get what she wants. I’m surprised Texans haven’t stuck a gun up her Commie ass. She needs to be hung for high treason.

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